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Voices of KYUEM

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 26, 2024, 03:06 pm

Tan Hui Hui (left), Sharmmen Raj A/L Sanjeevraj (middle) and Adam Iskandar Bahari (right) share their personal experience at KYUEM.

Realising your full potential and growing as a person is super important for living a meaningful life. Colleges play a big role in creating an environment where people can do just that – Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) is a great example.

Renowned for promoting excellence and encouraging intellectual curiosity among its students, KYUEM offers more than just academic success. It presents numerous opportunities for personal growth and enrichment to its student body.

This dedication is reflected in the testimonials of its students, who navigate and thrive in the institution's dynamic environment. Tan Hui Hui, a current student at KYUEM, attests to the transformative nature of the institution's competitive atmosphere. “The competitiveness created a healthy environment that motivated me to improve."

Tan’s sentiment resonates with many students who initially perceived KYUEM as a fiercely competitive environment, renowned for its highly competitive academic atmosphere fuelled by the exceptional calibre of its students.

Sharmmen Raj A/L Sanjeevraj pointed out the dual nature of this competitiveness, “While it can be stressful, especially nearing exam season, it also serves as strong motivation to consistently study and maintain high grades.”

Beyond providing an optimal environment for concentrated study, complete with minimal disruptions, the institution also offers numerous opportunities for stress relief through a diverse range of extracurricular activities and club facilities.

Enriching environment

Adam Iskandar Bahari shared how his four-month experience of joining the rugby team was incredibly fulfilling as it allowed him to delve into a sport he wasn’t very familiar with while opening up new perspectives and ideas.

He also expressed gratitude for the myriad opportunities the institution provided him, highlighting initiatives such as Ted-X and the Elle Woods Project.

“I organised a project at a refugee school in Batu Caves as part of the Elle Woods Project. This initiative serves as a catalyst for change within Malaysian communities where legal knowledge may not be accessible to most people.” This not only bolstered Adam’s confidence but also sharpened his social and networking skills.

Similarly, Sharmmen reflected on his role in the Student Council, “I vibe really well with the other members and the Council has given me an avenue to raise student concerns with KYUEM management as well as enabled my team and I to organise a slew of student activities for us to unwind and have fun!”

Meanwhile Tan, as President of the Initiative Club, shared her experiences and challenges in arranging a field trip to BASF PETRONAS Chemicals in November 2023. She remarked, “The planning part may not be fun, but a successful trip to a manufacturing company that offers STEM career insights to the student population makes every effort worth it.”

Exploring self-growth

Beyond this, students also experience considerable growth in various aspects of their lives.

Tan shared, “Being away from home has prompted me to develop self-discipline. I've learned to recognise opportunities that resonate with my interests and when to exercise restraint, cultivating a sense of balance and purpose."

Adam echoed similar sentiments, emphasising his journey of self-discovery. “My career goal is to work in Foreign Affairs. KYUEM's multicultural environment has enabled me to interact with people from all over the world, preparing me for my future endeavours as a diplomat."

Sharmmen also reflected on how he was able to swiftly realign his academic pursuits with his interests, transitioning from Data Science to Economics and Public Policy in his second year at KYUEM. He remarked. “KYUEM's supportive environment and diverse opportunities have been instrumental in shaping my journey."

Looking back, moving forward

Adam reflected on his time at KYUEM as truly memorable, emphasising how it had enabled him to evolve into an independent learner, cultivating resourcefulness and proactive habits. He credited much of his development to the invaluable guidance provided by his exceptional teachers.

Tan’s journey, on the other hand, displayed a profound transformation from viewing grades as the sole measure of success to cherishing personal growth and achievements. “It took me some time to adapt and acknowledge that one’s academic grades do not define one’s abilities,” she confessed. “Surrounded by ambitious people, it gave me the courage to dream big and take action to achieve my goals.”

Sharmmen's time at KYUEM taught him the importance of personal academic growth and self-directed focus. “I would have to say that you shouldn’t compare yourself to your peers, as is often the case in secondary school. Just focus on yourself, as cliche as that sounds, and focus on your personal academic growth.”

As these students reflect on their time at KYUEM, it is evident that beyond the initial perception of a highly competitive environment, the institution fosters a culture of growth and self-discovery. As they move forward, they carry with them the invaluable lessons learned at KYUEM, shaping their paths toward success with confidence and determination.

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