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UNITEN’s CCI boasts 98% Employability

Published by Afterschool.my on Mar 07, 2024, 01:13 pm

The rising demand for computing and informatics graduates has been driven by the growing reliance on technology across various industries. This includes the need for skilled professionals who can develop, maintain, and innovate cutting-edge software, systems and solutions.

UNTEN’s College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) provides you with the skills and knowledge essential for success in this dynamically evolving world we live in. CCI's Computing and Informatics programmes adhere to industry standards and incorporate feedback from industry partners, academic assessors and reflect current market demands and trends. 

Additionally, the college also enhances its course delivery by integrating experienced industry guest lecturers, ensuring that its students are well-prepared, industry-savvy and ready to meet the challenges of the job market. The success of high-achieving CCI alumni serves as a benchmark of excellence in the professional arena.

A valiant effort

At the core of CCI's programme development is the commitment to prepare students to be highly employable and relevant in the dynamic job market.

It does this by imparting distinctive disciplines in areas such as Data Science, Business Analytics, Systems Security, Security Analytics and Incident Response, Internet of Things, Software Development, Game Design and other specialised fields.

Its programmes are meticulously crafted to align with current industry focuses. Students gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies through curriculum collaborations with renowned industry players such as CISCO, CSM, RapidMiner, Google Cloud and others.

Moreover, CCI customises its programmes to include energy computing, equipping students with the skills required for careers in energy-related organisations. Throughout the curriculum, students engage with professionals in various industrial initiatives, who provide insights into the professional landscape and instill a sense of professionalism, ethical behaviour and responsibility.

Superior connections for better employability

Industry leaders actively participate in the College Lecture Series and Industry Guest Lecture events, sharing invaluable insights into the real-world applications of their fields. This engagement allows students to grasp market trends, challenges and best practices at a deeper level.

Industry professionals also serve as panel advisors in ongoing quality improvement initiatives. These advisors contribute their expertise to shape course content and organisation, ensuring students receive the most current and relevant material.

The college facilitates experiential education by arranging internships with carefully selected companies, enabling students to apply their academic knowledge in practical settings, refine sector-specific skills and establish crucial relationships with industry experts. Simultaneously, these industry partners have the opportunity to assess potential new hires and contribute to the education of the next-generation workforce.

This collaborative approach to education has cultivated a dynamic learning environment that promotes a culture of lifelong learning and adaptability. Notable companies in collaboration with CCI include Tenaga Nasional Berhad, PETRONAS, Cybersecurity Malaysia, Siemens Energy, Shell, Sime Darby, Hilti Malaysia, Google Cloud, Cisco Systems, Celcom Axiata, MIMOS, RhB Bank, Hietech Padu, Deloitte Malaysia and many others.

Adaptability is key

CCI is renowned for cultivating highly adaptable graduates proficient in the latest industry-demanded technologies. 

The college takes pride in shaping 'Technocrats' through a curriculum that extends beyond textbooks and maintains strong industry ties. Graduates exhibit exceptional relevance and resilience, rendering them appealing to employers in today's dynamic job market.

Notable influential people who have studied at UNITEN’s CCI include Anis Zakri, a Scrum Master at RHB Banking Group; Mashitah Othman Omar, a Senior Operation Manager at Ørsted, a Denmark Energy Company; Nazreen Rosli, an Assistant Manager at KPMG New Zealand; Chain Guo Heng, a Technical Consultant at Honeywell; Balaganesh Latchmanan, Assistant Vice President for Database Management at Maybank Berhad; Mohd. Hanis Mohd. Sani, a System Analyst at Tenaga Nasional Berhad; and Nabila Baharom, Video Content Lead at EasyEat. As UNITEN’s alumni continue to leave marks in the professional world, their success stands as a testament to the effectiveness of CCI's holistic approach to education, shaping individuals who are not just graduates but leaders in their respective fields.

The combination of cutting-edge curriculum, experiential learning, industry collaboration and dedication to providing real-world perspectives ensures students are not only well prepared for the challenges of today but are also equipped to drive innovation and thrive in the future. 

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