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Top Medical and Healthcare Courses in Malaysia 2020

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 06, 2020, 03:07 pm

These days, despite being part of essential services, getting a job with a medical or healthcare diploma/degree under your belt is extremely difficult. What was once a guaranteed future career is now just as risky as every other field, as more and more students compete for the same jobs. Understandably, this means students and parents must be smart to choose the right courses from high demand industries.

So how does one go about choosing the right medical and healthcare courses? Well, consider private institutions.

Offering only the best and most in demand courses, private universities often guarantees student employability upon graduation. They understand that not all courses are good investments for students which is why most programmes offered by private institutions are popular and in demand programmes.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at top medical and healthcare courses in the country that is worth pursuing!

Kickstart Your Path with a Foundation Programme

A Foundation programme is tailored to provide a multitude of opportunities for you to pursue a career of your dreams. This pre-university programme equips the students with adequate academic knowledge and skills needed for success. For most foundation programmes, students will usually pursue foundation for one year.

Upon successful completion of the foundation programme, you may choose from the undergraduate courses offered depending on your academic performance and interest. Some of the undergraduate courses you can take is Dentistry or Physiotherapy.

Or Begin Your Journey with a Diploma

If you’re not into foundation, then diploma is your next best choice. Students can pursue their diploma in various fields. Diploma programmes for medical and healthcare courses tend to be between two to three years and focuses on providing students with comprehensive industry related knowledge as well as other necessary subjects required for graduation.

For instance, a diploma in nursing programme is a pre-registration course aimed to train students to be a nurse practitioner. Student who graduated from a diploma and pass the board licensure examination will be registered with Malaysia Nursing Board and fit to practice as registered nurse in public and private healthcare sector.

Another option for aspiring nurses is a Post Basic courseoffered in selected private universities. This is a 6 months course designed to prepare Registered Nurses with advanced nursing knowledge and evidence-based clinical skills to competently provide high quality holistic care to patients with critical conditions.

Then Expand Further with a Degree

Once you’ve completed your diploma, don’t miss an opportunity to go beyond it with a bachelor’s degree! The pathway for each field is different. 

For instance, if your wish to be a medical doctor, you need to pursue a degree in Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course, a five-year undergraduate degree programme in Medicine that has been approved by the Malaysian Medical Council. Before the end of the programme, students must take a medical qualifying examination before completing a 2-year compulsory housemanship. And once you’ve become a registered medical doctor, you can choose an area of specialization which will take another 4 to 5 years of postgraduate study, followed by 2 to 4 years of supervised training as a specialist.

Students who take MBBS will learn various subjects including Human Anatomy and General Medicine.

For future pharmacists, the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme is four-year degree programme. Students will learn introductory pharmacy subjects, advanced pharmacy subjects, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Human Anatomy and Nervous System. Upon completion of the degree, you will need to complete one year of training followed by one year of compulsory service at a training premise that is recognised by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia.

As for students who wish to be dentists, a degree in Dentistry is typically a five-year programme, followed by a compulsory one year training with the government. You can then pursue a specialization course which adds the duration of your study to a total of eight years. Dentistry students will learn subjects such as Orthodontic Care and Principles of Dentistry. 

Enrol with Malaysia’s Leading Private Medical and Healthcare School

In Malaysia, there are many private institutions that offer quality education for medical and healthcare related courses. And among them is AIMST University.

AIMST University is a private university that caters to both local and international students and the curricula for most degree programmes at AIMST are drawn from the University of Bristol in the UK, hence its prestigious status! With 15 years of academic excellence, AIMST University produces Industry-ready graduates with excellent employability while providing state-of-the-art facilities for patient care, student training and laboratory teaching.

To check their courses, entry requirements, fees, intakes and many more, click HERE. You can apply to AIMST University right HERE or, if you’re seeking for more information and guidance, feel free to contact our counsellors by clicking HERE.

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