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Top Australian Universities in Malaysia to Study in after SPM

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 11, 2018, 03:25 am

Now that SPM is done, do these thoughts plague you day and night? ‘What do I want to study?’,‘How much will it cost? If presented with a choice would you opt for a foreign degree? One of the more popular overseas options is Australia, where Malaysians accounted for 4% of the total international student population last year. To many though, the mere thought is already a pipe dream, with the total cost of the course pulling it out of reach permanently.Recently however, Australian universities have stepped onto Malaysian soil and firmly established their presence by erecting campuses that mirror the ones Down Under, allowing students to pursue their tertiary education at a legitimate Australian university for a fraction of the actual price. So, which are the top Australia universities in Malaysia? Scroll to find out now.

Curtin University Sarawak

Curtin University is based Bentley, Perth and is known as the largest university in the entire populous of Western Australia. Having expanded into other influential nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Mauritius, their educational CV is brimming with quality. Curtin University Sarawak was opened in Miri 15 years ago in 2002, and in doing so it became the first foreign campus in East Malaysia. A full decade-and-a-half since then, and one look at the Curtin University Malaysia campus will leave students astounded, as it creates the perfect hybrid between technology and the environment. No wonder the student population is expected to exceed 5,000 very soon.

Curtin University courses also cover all levels of study, perfect for any student after SPM, allowing them to begin with a Foundation programme, and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Speaking of which, Curtin degrees also stand out from the crowd, offering students the ‘double major’ option for many business courses, allowing students to focus on an assortment of combinations and graduating with amazing prospects. As far as Curtin University’s rankings go? Well, Curtin University is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017. It is ranked 22nd in the world for universities under the age of 50 in the QS World University Rankings 2018 and has received a 5-star overall excellence rating in the QS Stars University Ratings 2015. The cherry on top of the already very enticing cake is the wide scholarship opportunities. 

Internal Curtin University scholarships include:

•Curtin Sarawak Merit Scholarship (offering u to RM10,000 off Foundation programmes)

•CSM Scholar (Degree)

•WA Premier Scholarship

•Dean’s Scholar

•Pro Vice Chancellor’s International Scholar

External Scholarship include:

•Daiken & STA Scholarship

•The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship

•PENERAJU Scholarship

•Yayasan Sarawak Bestari Scholarship

•Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah Scholarship

•MREPC Scholarship AwardWith all that said, it’s no wonder why Curtin University is one of the top Australia Universities in Malaysia.

Monash University Malaysia Campus

Monash University is a name synonymous with excellence, and has laid foundations in numerous countries around the globe in some shape or form, including Australia, Italy, India and even China. Monash University opened the Monash University Malaysia Campus before the turn off the millennium, way back in 1998, right in the heart of Bandar Sunway, gaining the distinction of being the first foreign university in Malaysia along the way. Offering courses such as the Monash University Foundation Year, as well as Double Degrees, students after SPM will sleep well knowing they can pursue their entire tertiary education under the Monash brand.

Courses offered by Monash are world renown, and have ranked highly on the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, including Pharmacy (2), Accounting & Finance (26), Chemical Engineering (28), Civil & Structural Engineering (29), Medicine (29), Electrical Engineering (51-100), Mechanical Engineering (51-100), and many more. Other than their proven academic track record, the Monash University Malaysia Campus is state-of-the-art, and jam packed with amenities that will allow students to extract their true potential.  With catering facilities, food outlets, gymnasium and outdoor swimming pool supplemented by the known and trusted facilities found in and around Bandar Sunway, there’s no more a student could possible need that will be more than a stone’s throw away. Oh, and there are scholarship opportunities too, including undergraduate scholarships, study loans, postgraduate scholarships, sports scholarships, external sponsorships, and much more.

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Swinburne University is the oldest university on this list, with the first campus being erected in 1908, more than a century ago. Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak didn’t come about until the year 2000 in Kuching, Sarawak. Never one to dally, Swinburne quickly expanded, and now offers a catalogue of courses which include, Foundation programmes, Design, Engineering, Science, ICT, English Language Studies, Double Degrees, as well as postgraduate courses. Swinburne University of Technology have also been picking up numerous accolades along their journey, being ranked for the third consecutive time on the QS Top 100 Universities Under 50, being ranked among the world’s top 400 universities by THE for the fourth consecutive time, as well as streaking up the Young University Rankings to the number 61 spot. Locally, their reputation has not gone unnoticed, as Swinburne Sarawak was awarded 5 stars again in SETARA, by the 2017 Malaysian Qualifications Agency’s Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institution, a testament to their unrelenting consistency, having achieved the same rating in 2009, 2011, and 2013. Swinburne University of Technology also offer scholarship options to students.

While students may still have qualms about joining a private institution that they know little about, one glance at the achievements of these world-renowned universities should ease any niggling worries. The option of studying in an international university locally eliminates the high cost of living students would otherwise have to bear were they to abscond overseas. Additionally, they will be conferred an international degree upon graduation, and have gained an international experience as well.

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