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Top 8 Reasons to Study ICT at TAR UC

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 10, 2018, 01:14 am

  • High Job Demand in Malaysia

high job demand Not only is the job demand for ICT jobs in Malaysia higher than ever, many companies even approach TAR UC to recruit their graduating students for full-time employment both on local shores as well as that found overseas. This, on top of the revelatory Critical Occupations List 2016/17, which listed Systems Analysts, Software Developers / Application Developers, Database Administrators, Computer Network Professionals and Systems Administrators as the most coveted ICT related posts.

  • Affordable Tuition

affordable fees

With prices of just about everything going up, the cost of a course is slowly becoming a deal-breaker for many students who intend to pursue their tertiary education at a private university. TAR UC is well aware of the current trend, and as such, have their ICT courses priced judiciously, annually costing RM7,500 and RM9,000 for Diploma and Bachelor’s courses, respectively. The fees may vary from year to year, usually with an annual 10% increase.

  • The IBM On-Campus Centre of Excellence

ibm blue gene supercomputer 

TAR UC endeavour to cultivate a culture of pre-eminence amongst its students, and being the first institution of higher learning in Malaysia to receive the IBM Centre of Excellence award is a testament to that fact. The IBM Centre of Excellence was awarded by IBM Malaysia in the year 2011. TAR UC incorporates IBM technology in selected course delivery to train students with enterprise level needed skills to meet the demands of the industry that uses IBM technologies. This will provide higher opportunity for TAR UC graduates to be employed by multinational companies using IBM solutions.

  • Prestigious Partners Include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco & SAPpartnership

Some of the biggest names in the ICT / IT world help ensure that TAR UC are always in line with the industry standards and requirements by lending a hand in the design and delivery of their courses. Additionally, students are prepared to take the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CCNA Security, CompTIA Linux+ and CompTIA Security+ professional certifications even prior to graduation. Therefore, students can expect to gain relevant and industry-based expertise covering both theory and practical applications through education at TAR UC.

  • Dual Award with US Universitytraffic

Studying ICT at TAR UC will allow students to graduate with not one, but two awards at the end of their course. TAR UC students pursuing TAR UC ICT programmes can opt to pursue a dual award Bachelor’s Degree from Campbell University, US.  Campbell University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS COC) to award Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, Education Specialist, and Doctorate degrees. This accreditation extends to all of the university's programme sites, including its Bachelor of Science degree at TAR UC in Kuala Lumpur. TAR UC students can achieve something many can only dream of, earning a foreign degree at an affordable price, whilst finding themselves in possession of a springboard to jump off of the moment they graduate and plunge into the working world.

  • TAR UC Has Produced a Cisco NetRiders Champion 3 Years Running


Consisting of a series of online exams and simulation activities using Cisco Packet Tracer, the Cisco NetRiders Competition is a highly lauded interactive networking skills competition organised by tech giants Cisco, one which a TAR UC student has emerged victorious from 3 years running, owing mainly to the full incorporation of the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in the curriculum. The dedicated lecturers and work ethic instilled in the TAR UC community also play crucial roles in the consistency of their excellence.

  • TAR UC Has Been Bestowed MDEC’s Premier Digital Tech University


Image via enterpriseisnews.com.my 

TAR UC is awarded with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Premier Digital Tech University that signifies the high quality of the ICT programmes that TAR UC is offering. TAR UC pledges to continue to enhance the ICT education to ensure our graduates are highly demanded and favourable in the industry by providing relevant industry knowledge and skills.

  • A Variety of Comprehensive ICT Courses

ICT Courses 

TAR UC offer a range of courses in the ICT field, and all of them have been meticulously crafted to ensure their students are fully prepared to take on the working world by storm.

For those who opt to enrol in the Computer Science discipline, students will take-on courses that can prepare them to innovate and derive new ways to use ICT technologies and to make existing systems more efficient by looking into issues at an algorithmic level, which requires students to have very strong mathematical and logical thinking skills. Courses like Algorithms and Complexity, Intelligent Systems and Modelling and Simulation are emphasized in the Computer Science discipline.

The Software Engineering discipline offers students the knowledge and skills to design and develop large scale and complex software, using a structured software development life cycle. Courses like Software Modelling, Analysis and Design, Software Verification and Validation, Software Quality Testing and Software Management are the focus of the Software Engineering discipline.

As for those going down the Information Technology route, they will take courses like Integrative Programming and Technologies, Systems Adminstration and Computer Networking to plan, implement, configure and maintain an organisation’s computing infrastructure.

Last but not least, students who choose the Information Systems discipline will focus more on information systems (IS) implementation to computerise business processes in organisations to align with its business goals, looking into information management, IS Strategy and Management.

Students who opt for Computing programmes should ideally have an aptitude in mathematics, love to solve problems (usually systematically), create new solutions, possess good critical thinking skills and have the passion to keep up-to-date with latest technology and trends. Having good interpersonal communication skills will be an added advantage.

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