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Top 6 Reasons to Study the ADTP@MCKL

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 20, 2017, 08:55 am

The importance of the choice that lies in the hands of every single student right after SPM cannot be underestimated: Choosing what course to pursue. Often times, students are left confused by the avalanche of information, torn between doing what they should do and what they want to, eventually beginning to fumble, or, to quote a quite famous rap song, their “palms become sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy”. Here’s an option for those of you uncertain, one you probably never considered, but one that’s no less beneficial, the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP). Students can enrol in this program right after SPM or their IGCSEs, with the minimum requirement being just 5 credits, including grade B in English. Fast forward 4 years and bucket loads of effort later, and you earn an undergraduate degree from an American university. Sounds too good to be true? Well, pinch yourself and realise that it is very real. One of the institutions offering the ADTP is Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL), and today we’ll explore the top 6 reasons why MCKL is the best place for you to pursue your ADTP.

1. Exclusive scholarships

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Scholarships at MCKL are extensive. No, that isn’t an exaggeration. If anything, it’s reflecting rather modestly. MCKL’s substantial scholarship coverage begins the moment students enrol. Merit Scholarships ranging from 15 to 100%.  Once you depart to the United States for the final leg of your course, MCKL have exclusive scholarships in place thanks to their extensive range of American partner universities, including the prestigious Moey-Phipps Scholarship of Distinction offered by Messiah College, a full tuition waiver that renders your course so affordable, it’s akin to a local private uni! Other exclusive scholarships come from the University of Wisconsin Eau- Claire and, University of Central Oklahoma, just to name a few! You may think that’s it, but there’s more. MCKL also offers teaching scholarships to select students, whereby they sponsor students who would then be bonded to teach the subjects they have earned their degree(s) in, either at the College, or Wesley Methodist Schools.

2. Extensive List of Partner Universities (36 in total)

checklistMCKL’s list of partner universities is truly astounding and all encompassing, with 36 in total peppered in all four corners of the country, and everywhere in between. From household names such as California State Universities, San Francisco State University to lesser known but no less prestigious institutions, the list is long and fascinating.  Other top ranked university partners include Drake University, Loyola University Chicago, DePaul University and University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Oh, and these partner universities offer scholarships and financial aid in some shape or form, ranging from annual tuition waivers, to more enticing sums of close to RM25,000.00 . Students who are willing to put in the effort will be able to have their pick of the bunch and ease any financial burden, while obtaining an internationally recognised degree, all at one go. Even if you somehow find your attention not pulled by their partner university list, MCKL students have been accepted by non-partner universities as well, including the highly respected University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Purdue University.  

3. Affordable Fees


Yes, the ADTP can actually be affordable, especially at MCKL! For example, tuition for 2 years at MCKL would run you close to RM32,500.00. But that’s before you take into account the Merit Scholarships on offer, which we elaborated on above. With those taken into account, your tuition could be waived off either by 15 to 100%,  which is all of it! MCKL’s fees are one of the most affordable ones around locally, and you’d be hard strung to find an option that provides you with more bang for your buck than this one.

4. Personalised Counselling


The ADTP is a flexible program that’s vast in terms of subjects offered. While this can prove to ultimately confuse a budding student, this is where MCKL’s personalised counselling shines through like a guiding beacon. While the advice meted out by aforementioned counsellors is invaluable, the actual counselling doesn’t stop there.  Strong extra-curricular, leadership and character development  are just a few examples of the activities carried out in a continuous effort to assists students in smoothing their rough exteriors and tuning-out any and all doubts that they have, once and for all.

5. Inclusion of Preparatory Course

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MCKL employs a systematic method to ensure all their students are prepared to make the transition between Malaysian and the U.S.A. The culmination of their efforts was the creation of a course with this sole goal in mind. The course in question--U.S. College Prep 101--is mandatory of course, with no credit hours so students can relax as they learn about the American system as a whole, covering such topics as how to select a university, how to decide on a major, academic expectations, social expectations, how to be independent, how to source information and so much more. Best of all, it is FREE of charge! MCKL also assists students in obtaining an F-1 visa by inviting Consular Officers from the US. embassy to come and conduct workshops and real-time sessions, as well as conducting mock interviews, leaving no stone unturned in their crusade to prepare. Pre-Departure Orientations are also held to assist students who are about to transfer to the U.S. on what they need to do once they have reached the shores of North America, how they can make use of the resources available on campus, easing through the transition process, how to deal with culture shock and homesickness, learn moreabout safety on campus and making the most out of their time in the U.S.!

6. Trailblazing Track Record

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MCKL has been handling the ADTP for quite a while now, and their results speak for themselves. Dozens of students have secured admission at numerous, high-ranking universities in the U.S.A. What’s more, many of these students have gone on to procure scholarships at these institutions. Despite the numerous accolades, MCKL continues to strive and push boundaries, unearthing the best out of each and every one of their students, all in hopes of helping them secure their future. Previous students of MCKL who’ve gone on to greener pastures include Chong Weng Shin , who secured the Presidential Transfer Award at Drake University in the course of Data Analytics, Vidyia Rubbini  A/P Muralivaman, who was bestowed with the International President’s Honorary Scholarship to study Chemistry at Truman State University , Brian Ong Ghin Chuen and Ivan Oon Chun Hao, who were awarded the Moey-Phipps Scholarship of Distinction & MCKL Book Prize to study Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) and Mechanical Engineering, respectively, at Messiah College.

For further information on the ADTP@MCKL, including scholarship offers, please click here

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