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This May Just Be the Perfect Place to Gain Your Medical Degree

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 05, 2018, 12:59 pm

Opting to study medicine in Malaysia is no longer a rarity. One glance at the statistics from 2014 tells you all you need to know on the number of students who decide to take up the noble profession: 18,789 in Malaysia and an additional 15,000 who go overseas, with the numbers unlikely to dwindle down anytime in the near future. The rampant ballooning can be attributed to one development in particular: the increase in the number of medical schools. Students these days who meet the stringent requirements are frankly spoilt for choice—perhaps even left bewildered by the one question plaguing their bedtime thoughts more than sheep jumping over a fence—which medical school is the best? Sticking out from the crowd, Monash University Malaysia may just be the answer to the conundrum, and here’s why Monash University Malaysia may stake a claim to that elusive title.

Monash University Malaysia Intake 2018


World Class Rankings

With all the brouhaha bring brought up by university rankings, last year in particular, Monash University Malaysia streaks ahead of the competition in this particular arena of academia. How so? Well, Monash University Malaysia is ranked #60 in the QS World University Rankings 2018, cosily placing Monash University in the top 1% of universities worldwide. Perhaps more impressively however, Monash University Malaysia was ranked #28 in the world by QS for the subject of Medicine and Life Sciences, placing them in esteemed company, with the likes of NUS and Cornell mere spots ahead, and the University of Hong Kong lagging behind. Monash University also snagged the 48th spot in the Times Higher Education (THE) 2018 World University Rankings by Subject for Clinic, Pre-Clinical & Health, reaffirming the quality of their medical courses.

Monash University Malaysia’s Clinical School Johor Bahru

Students who are admitted into the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at Monash will initially study at the exemplary Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Monash University Malaysia students will enjoy the facilities the state-of-the-art campus provides for the first 2 years, as they get through the embryonic phase of their medical programme, which will involve many classroom lectures as well visits to medical practices, community-care facilities and hospitals and even the opportunity to act as the healthcare team in a rural area for 2 whole weeks.

Succeeding that, all MBBS students of Monash University Malaysia will proceed to the Clinical School Johor Bahru (CSBJ) for the remainder of their course (year 3-5). Shrewdly located right next to the Sultan Aminah Hospital, which serves as a tertiary and referral hospital, some of the facilities that will be at a Monash University Malaysia student’s disposal is as follows:

  • Pathology Museum, Pathology Resources Centre, Organ Demo Room and pathology lab.
  • Two simulation rooms with simulator models to enable Monash University Malaysia students to learn and diagnose in a proper and authentic emergency room milieu that is simulated.
  • Clinical Skills Lab with various equipment for practical classes.
  • Skills room for observing and studying the delivery of babies and other medical scenarios via simulator models.
  • Clinical Research Lab for conducting clinical research and patient examination specifically for drug trials research.
  • Medical Research Lab
  • 12 Problem-Based Learning rooms
  • A multipurpose function hall for student activities located at the top floor of the building
  • Multipurpose rooms with sound-proof facilities that can be converted into a ballroom or hall for seminar, conference and also social function.
  • The Breakout Terrace with a fantastic view that is conducive for small group discussion.
  • Cafeteria located at the lower ground that serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea at reasonable prices.

Monash University Malaysia Intake 2018


Internationally Recognised MBBS Programme

The MBBS programme conducted at Monash University Malaysia is a carbon copy of that taught in Australia, one that runs concurrently in 3 different campuses. Additionally, the MBBS programme at Monash University Malaysia is recognised and accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). How does this benefit a Monash University Malaysia student? Well, this AMC accreditation allows a Monash University Malaysia MBBS graduate or practise in Australia and New Zealand without any additional examinations! That’s right, upon being conferred your scroll, you may then choose if you wish to stay on and practice in Malaysia, or abscond to either Australia and New Zealand, skipping those pesky qualifying exams along the way. Worried you’ll have no clue as to what the Australian medical scene looks like? Fret not, all Year 5 MBBS students must complete a mandatory 3-month attachment in Australia before graduating. No wonder then that Monash University Malaysia was ranked #28 in the world by QS for the subject of Medicine and Life Sciences.

The Medical Anatomy and Pathology E-Learning Laboratory (MAPEL)

Located at the JCSMHS of Monash University Malaysia, one of the crown jewels of their MBBS programme is the advanced MAPEL Laboratory, which was developed to become a beacon of technologically-based teaching and learning.  Some of the features of the MAPEL lab include:

  • Real human parts infused with resin (plastinated specimens) are combined with real models
  • Interactive medical multimedia resources
  • Digital microscopes linked to a computer network
  • Learning suites with a central consulting room connect via one-way mirrors
  • CCTVs linked to tutorial rooms
  • Computerised teaching tools, models and human simulators: some models come with simulated breath and heart sounds, while injections can be administered, and suturing can be performed on others.

Cutting Edge Medical Research

Monash University Malaysia’s excellence is merely limited to teaching and learning, as it overflows towards research as well, which include treating premature babies at risk of brain disease, replacing heart valves without open-heart surgery and developing new cancer drugs. Researchers at Monash University Malaysia have also discovered new genes and hormones that could potentially target proteins for cancer research. The well-known Brain Research Institute also calls Monash University Malaysia home, and now collaborates with the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) in providing a much-needed platform for the brilliant neuroscientists in Malaysia.

Monash University Malaysia MMBS Bursaries

Monash University Malaysia offers their MBBS students the chance to snag a bursary to aid in the completion of their programme. With a total of 20 up for grabs, each Monash University Malaysia MBBS Bursary is worth a total of RM50,000, which is broken down to RM10,000 bestowed every year, over the course of 5 years.

Clearly then, Monash University Malaysia makes a strong argument in being the choice medical institution for budding doctors around the country. The combination of a world-renown medical programme which has been duly recognised by QS and THE coupled with recognition from Australia and New Zealand makes for a deliciously enticing package. The world-class Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences campus which houses MAPEL laboratory and the Clinical School Johor Bahru (CSBJ) is the frosting on the cake, while the medical research facilities and programmes, which are on the forefront of cancer research, are the cherries that top it all off. For once then, a medical student can have their cake and eat it too.

Monash University Malaysia Intake 2018


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