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Second Chances with Private Universities

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 22, 2020, 10:19 am

It’s been months since UPU released their results but are you still reeling from your application being rejected? Perhaps you’re waiting for the next UPU session, fingers still crossed for a chance to enroll in public universities? Or have you completely given up on your decision to continue your studies?

Whatever it is, chin up! Because you still have a second chance to chase after your dreams!

Have you ever considered private universities?

Private universities are a great alternative option if you are looking for a second chance. Not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why private universities are worth considering:

Practical courses

In most public universities, they provide numerous courses from a wide range of fields. Private universities do not provide the broad range of courses like public universities; however, they are more focused on their own respective specialized fields.

Courses in private universities tend to be more practical as private universities focus on preparing students for the workforce. One major aspect that separates private universities and a public university is the industry contacts and partners. Many private institutions work closely with different companies. Hence, students often have better chance to get hands-on experience outside classroom.

International exposure

Private universities have always had a higher international student enrolment compared to public universities. They also provide more international opportunities for their students to participate, either in international workshops or study abroad programs.

Cross-cultural references and global perspective allow students to enhance and broaden their view of the world through wide lenses. By mingling with students from all walks of life and culture and being involved with global programs, studying at private universities is a great choice to grow and expand your worldviews.

Easy entry

To enroll in a private university, the procedure is really easy. Unlike public universities where the competition is insanely tight, private universities are subjected to seat availability. Basically, as long as you meet the necessary requirements for your desired course, your place is almost certainly secured.

So, which private university should you consider?

Having been in operation for more than 38 years, INTEC enjoys the excellent reputation for producing well-rounded graduates and outstanding professionals, by equipping excellent students with preparation for overseas education.

INTEC is now a pioneer educational provider for Pre-university studies, Diploma and Professional Accountancy Programmes, and they’re inviting you to enrol in their upcoming January intake! Check out what INTEC has to offer for you:

The New Superstar  

Keeping up with the trend, professional accounting programmes are producing prize winners, nationally and globally, that lead to INTEC being awarded with Platinum Award by ACCA. Still, INTEC’s examination passing rate is above world rate despite the current pandemic situation. High academic quality minus sky-high fees with sponsorship opportunities, what could go wrong with it?

ACCA 2021 intakes: January | May | September

Continuing the Legacy

Pre-U programmes have been the trusted choice of the yesteryear’s generation passing it to the neo-generation for those who want to study abroad. Globally recognised, you have a bundle of options to choose – by country, by university or by major of study. Engineering, Technical, Economics, Medicine, Business, so much more you name it! Even INTEC’s science lab evolves with the time but retains its legacy, and of course memories.

Pre-U 2021 intakes: January (except A-Level German, Korea & Japan) | May | September (except Korea & Japan)

Faster to Foster

Another pathway to choose are fast-track Diploma programmes: Accounting, Business Management, Scientific Halal, Islamic Finance and Public Management & Governance. These are the steppingstone to elevate you the degree level, in a short duration of time possible.

Diploma 2021 intakes: January (Accounting & Business Management) | May | September (Accounting & Business Management)

Let’s venture more with the new entry requirements for 2021:

 For SPM LeaverFor Pre-U / CAT / Diploma GraduateFor Degree Graduate
  • A-Level
  • A-Level German (ALG)
  • South Australian Certificate of Education International (SACE-i)
  • American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP)
  • ACCA Foundations in Accountancy (FiA)
  • Korean Preparatory Programme
  • Japanese Preparatory Programme
  • Diploma in Accountancy (DIA)
  • Diploma in Islamic Finance (DIF)
  • Diploma in Business Management (DBM)
  • Diploma in Scientific Halal Practices (DSHP)
  • Diploma in Public Management & Governance
  • Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB)
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) full-time
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) part-time
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

What else are you waiting for?

Apply to INTEC today!

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