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Public vs Private Universities

Published by on Feb 01, 2016, 01:41 pm

The battle for providing the best education continues.

As universities are striving for sustainability at a fast pace, both private and public institutions have their own edge to attract and accommodate students.

There are 20 public universities in Malaysia and the number of private universities are increasing steadily. What separates the two types of institution are as follows:

1. Funding


When it comes to funding, most public universities are funded by the government. Not for everything per say, however, there are a lot areas in which the government has allocated resources for public universities.

Most private institutions are either self-funded or a child company of bigger corporations. This leads to the margin of tuition fees, as most private universities are more expensive than that of public universities.

2. Size


Public universities are massive compared to private universities. This is due to the fact that they need to provide variety of courses, and cater to the thousands of locals enrolling every year.

Private institutions on the other hand are smaller in nature and are limited in terms of land space and facilities. However they’re more focused on providing coursed based facilities.

3. Courses


In most public universities, they provide numerous courses from a wide range of fields. Private universities do not provide the broad range of courses like public universities, however they are more focused on their own respective specialized fields.

For example, some private universities may have a strong Engineering focus, therefore a lot of the courses offered are engineering based. Other fields are available as well, but they may not have the proper training and development that the student need.

4. Demographics


Private universities are notable for the large number of international students enrolled, compared to public universities. The reason behind the demographic gap is due to the nature of entry requirements from both universities.

Private universities are more flexible when it comes to admission and enrolment, whereas for public universities, they’re strict and local-students oriented.

Ultimately, which ever university you study in depends on factors such as: tuition costs, college life, transportation, environment and your field of interest. A university may prepare you for your field, but it’s up to the individuals to prepare themselves for life.

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