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Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 06, 2023, 09:55 am

On October 28, 2023, 37 Muslim students of KYUEM embarked on a field trip to the Nasyrul Quran Complex and Islamic Art Museum Malaysia. This Islamic Educational Field Trip was organised by Musolla Community (MUSCOM) 23/24 with the objectives of learning about the practises and history of Islam in an engaging and reflective way while incorporating the teachings of the Quran and Hadiths every step of the way.

Upon arrival at our first destination, the Nasyrul Quran Complex, the world’s second-largest Quran production centre, we were gathered inside the hall to receive a briefing from our tour guide. They also introduced us to Yayasan Restu, the back-bone organisation of the Nasyrul Quran Complex. We kicked off our visit here with a brief explanation of the 10-step Quran production method. We were amazed to know that a Quran required at least 8-10 years to be produced. Then, we were given a chance to roam around the complex, seeing multiple ancient Quranic scriptures, artefacts, and replicas of Sahabah’s swords from decades ago. After that, we listened to a detailed talk about Quran production before we had our lunch at the cafe.

After congregational Dhuhr prayer at the surau, we continued our journey to the Islamic Art Museum Malaysia. Before we arrived there, our president held a reflection session about the previous visit with all the participants in the bus using Padlet, making sure that everyone learned something from the visit.

When we arrived at the Islamic Art Museum Malaysia, we took some pictures together first before we were divided into three groups with a tour guide for each group. The tour around the museum took around 60 minutes, during which we were introduced to many antique and ancient artefacts from all around the world, including weaponry, defensive equipments, and jewellery. The artefacts are mostly from Islamic eras and regions. The tour guides explained each item in detail, which sometimes sparked some in-depth conversations between the tour guide and the students regarding its uses and relations to Islam. There are also miniature replicas of the world’s famous mosques and monuments.

The trip ended successfully. We then stopped by Mid Valley to have some dinner and pray. Overall, the trip managed to achieve its objectives, explicitly and implicitly. Although it was tiring, the camaraderie between seniors and juniors made the trip more enjoyable and fun. Around 8 p.m., all participants went back to KYUEM by bus.

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