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MUET On Demand is Now Open for Registration

Published by on May 17, 2018, 08:57 am

The Malaysia University English test (MUET) is one of the most popular local tests of English language proficiency, mainly due to the fact that it is a requirement for anyone who applies to a bachelor's degree course at any of the 20 public universities in Malaysia. To meet the demands of the public, MUET On Demand was created to enable students to receive their results faster, and it is finally open to the public. 

MUET on Demand, or MoD for short will be offered in two forms, both of which will cost RM250:

  • A Computer Based-Test 
  • A Paper Based-Test

MoD will be available for four months, that is June, August, October and November 2018. Students will also receive their results in a mere 3 weeks. Here's how the whole thing works: 

Interested? If you are, click here to register your spot now!

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