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Malaysian Youths Are A-Level Above

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 28, 2023, 03:15 pm

Sunway College winners of the 2023 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony with Ruth Cheah, Director of the Sunway College Cambridge A-Level Programme 

Young Malaysians have consistently demonstrated their remarkable ability to dominate global rankings, and the recently announced 2023 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony once again witnessed a staggering total of 23 awards being presented to accomplished students from Sunway College. 

Once again, Sunway College stands as the most successful Cambridge provider in Malaysia, with its students receiving the highest number of awards. 

The GCE A-Level programme students earned well-deserved honours, including First Place in Malaysia, Top in Malaysia, a High Achievement, and the remarkable Top in the World. 

Receiving the First Place in Malaysia for best across three was Cheng Kai Xuan, while Kelvin Ng Kah Kit achieved the First Place in Malaysia for best across four, Top in the World for Mathematics and Top in Malaysia for Further Mathematics. 

Additionally, twelve students earned the coveted Top in the World for Mathematics: Chen Wei Yuen, Cheong Ruoh Kai, Gerald Lau Jin Yang, Leanne Tee Jie Ern, Lee Jun Yuan, Lim Zi Yong, Loong Yue Yen, Ong Zhi Hsuen, Ong Zhun Hao, Tan Yik Xian, Tan Zen Yii, and Wong Yit Jet, making up this illustrious dynamic dozen.  

“The lecturers in Sunway College's A-Level programme are truly wonderful. They are knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, and most importantly, enthusiastic in what they do,” says Cheong. 

The students with Top in Malaysia titles are Lim Yi Ning and Jessica Gan Yee Mei for Psychology, Yeow Mun Hung for Accounting, Chia Yin Qi for Biology, Liew Er Jun for Chemistry, and Aishath Anaa Sobah for History. 

Liew Zi Xian clinched the High Achievement award for Thinking Skills. 

“The College's emphasis on holistic development has encouraged me to explore extracurricular activities and take on leadership roles, contributing to my overall personal growth. My experience here has not only prepared me academically but has also provided a platform for fostering meaningful connections and cultivating a well-rounded and adaptable approach to life,” Liew adds. 

While the A-Level programme is commonly perceived as academically strenuous, Lau views Sunway College as a pathway for personal growth and improvement. 

Lau went on to say, “Sunway College's A-Level community is a positive and motivational environment. If there were any doubts or questions, you could always ask the lecturers or discuss questions with friends. Utilising and enjoying the wonderful campus facilities to the maximum potential.” 

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