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List of Scholarships for All Qualification Leavers (SPM, O LEVELS, STPM, UEC, Foundation, diploma, SAM, Ausmat, IB)

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 18, 2020, 10:55 am

These days, finding the perfect institution to further your higher education is more than just looking for acknowledged and prestigious universities, or 100% employability rate. Sure, those two definitely play a big factor in choosing a school but so is financial aid. Now, students also need to find universities that offer scholarships for their enrolling students.

Universities with their own scholarships are extremely beneficial for students because it is often eligible for students of all fields, and they have less rigid requirements, making it accessible to students of different backgrounds and levels.

But which university offers scholarships for all qualification and level?



Luckily, there are plenty of universities that offers their own scholarships but Advance Tertiary College (ATC) definitely takes the cake for having the most accessible scholarships!

ATC is one of six institutions across the globe to receive the University of London’s 150th Anniversary Award for Excellence. They are also the institution with the largest number of “Best Students in the World” Awards in 2010!

Part of ATC’s strengths lies in the fact that it is able to cross boundaries by offering programmes that are recognised and / or accredited internationally. This allows students completing programmes at ATC with the option of pursuing higher education not only at atc but in the United Kingdom and Australia as well.

List of scholarships at ATC 

Below are the full list of scholarship by ATC for students of all level:





Excited by their offered scholarships? Then apply to ATC today with this link HERE or find out more about ATC’s courses and their entry requirements HERE. Don’t be shy to contact our counselors as well for FREE guidance, just click HERE.

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