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KYUEM's Vibrant Colour Run: A Kaleidoscope of Fun and Unity

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 18, 2023, 12:08 pm

On the 7th of October, Kolej Yayasan UEM’s (KYUEM) Indian Cultural Club (ICC) held its Colour Run, a flagship event that takes inspiration from the traditional Holi festival. The event was joined by students of all races and ethnicities, in line with the nature of the Colour Run.

The event started at 9am in the morning at our sports field where 169 participants, 8 volunteers, 5 committee members and the teacher advisor, Ms Selvi gathered. The event began with a brief warmup session and the distribution of coloured powders. Students were advised to take precautionary measures when walking on the outside the College road. Fortunately the participants heeded the advice, evidenced by the absence of casualties throughout the duration of the run. The Colour Run then concluded with ice cream and beverages, sold by the ICC and Hero Society. The students who started with a pristine white shirt designed by the club were drenched in vibrant hues and there were smiles all around by the end of the run.

The principal objective of the Colour Run was to promote cultural diversity and foster unity among the multicultural KY populace. The cultural significance of Holi was stressed to ensure that the traditions of Indian ethnic groups and the historical context of the run was not lost in translation. Holi, often cited as a celebration of spring and connected matters, was a great festival to invoke cross-cultural understanding among students in KYUEM.

By the end of the event it was evident that new-found cultural appreciation for Indian traditions had been instilled among our students. Students were dancing to Indian songs and hurling powders at the runners, effectively ignoring cultural boundaries to join in the fun. Although the event itself was brief, the benefits like enhanced interactions among students and a strengthened school community spirit, were obvious among the participants. With the Colour Run’s unmistakable significance in mind, this event should be retained for years to come.

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