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Kolej Yayasan UEM - Sapphire House Trip 2023

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 23, 2023, 03:19 pm

On October 21, 2023, around 90 Sapphire members embarked on a trip to Eco Venture Resort & Retreat in Semenyih. Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome from the facilitators. Prior to our first team-building activity, we divided into 10 groups, each consisting of 9 members, and assigned a team leader. Each group also chose a name and a cheer inspired by Marvel superheroes.

We kicked off our first team-building activity called 'rakyat' games, where each group was provided with long sandals capable of accommodating five people. The task was to race through a designated pathway, and the first team to complete two full rounds would win. For the second activity, "Punctured Pipe," teams had to retrieve two balls from the bottom of a pipe riddled with holes. Despite the challenges, everyone had a great time, fostering strong bonds between senior and junior members.

After enjoying a delicious lunch, we had free time for various activities. Some members engaged in paintball war games and flying fox adventures. We also learned to construct rafts using pipes, strings, and three floats within a few minutes. We then raced our self-made rafts across the lake, with four people on top paddling and the remaining five propelling the raft. It was undoubtedly tiring, but the camaraderie within the groups made it more manageable and enjoyable. To rest and have dinner, we stopped by IOI City Mall before returning to college.

Looking back, this house trip successfully achieved its goals. It not only strengthened the bonds between senior and junior members and boosted house spirit but also created lasting memories that will remain with us for years to come. Furthermore, it enhanced our teamwork and communication skills.

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