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Know the Fastest Way to Get Into a German University

Published by on Jan 17, 2020, 01:45 pm

While we’ve already covered some of the reasons you should consider Germany as your study abroad destination right here, it’s time to talk about how exactly you can get there. Not many people are aware of the different ways you can get into a German university.




The Freshman Program is a fast track option that leads you straight to pursuing a Bachelor’s degree programme in a German university. The Freshman Program is a foundation course that you would be taking in Germany before entering the degree stage.


What is the Freshman Program?

The Freshman Program, as mentioned above, is a fast-track foundation programme that acts as a pre-university option for students who wish to further their degree studies in Germany. The duration of the programme is 10 months.


Upon completion of the Freshman Programme, students will sit for the ‘higher education assessment examination’ or Feststellungsprüfung, which enables them to apply to all degree programmes in Germany. The programme is offered by the Freshman Institute at FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences.


Image via FH Aachen


There are two options of study offered by the Freshman Program, which are the German track and the English track. For the German track, all subjects in the Freshman Program as well as the subsequent Bachelor’s degree programme would be taught completely in German. In this case, prior understanding and proficiency in the German language is necessary before you can go through the Freshman Program in the German track. By taking the German track, you would be able to enter any university in Germany for your degree, provided you pass the entrance exams.


The English track is divided into two options: the Freshman Program taught completely in English; or start the Freshman Program in English and continue in German. For this track, there are selected universities at which you can continue your degree, which are the university itself (FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences) as well as its partner universities:

  • FH Rhein-Waal – University of Applied Sciences (RW)
  • FH Südwestfalen – University of Applied Sciences (SW)
  • HBK Essen – University of Fine Arts Essen (HBK)
  • SRH Hamm (SRH)
  • University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)


What would your education pathway look like from Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) to your degree?

After you have completed your SPM, you would need to undergo language classes to fulfil the German language qualifications required. The pathway and duration of each stage can be seen in the timeline image below.



The first stage of the German language course would take place in Malaysia, covering A1 Level, A2 Level and B1 Level for a total of four months. Once completed, the second stage of the German language course would take place in Germany itself, covering B2 Level and C1 Level in the span of six months.


Once the German language qualifications are obtained, you would then go for the Freshman Program for a duration of 10 months, beginning from October (the intake month) until August. After completing the 10-month programme, you will be able to enter the second year of university in Germany.


How to enrol in the Freshman Program?

All applicants must take the Freshman Exam in order to be considered for the Freshman Program. As mentioned earlier, after taking the Freshman Exam you would need to obtain the German language qualifications.


Study Germany, located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, offers intensive German language classes to prepare you for your journey to study in Germany. If you decide to pursue the Freshman Program to further your studies at a Germany university, then you may want to consider taking it with Study Germany.


The first stage of the German language course required for the Freshman Program can be taken at Study Germany, while the rest of your journey towards the Freshman Program and your bachelor’s degree programme would be guided by the professional consultants at Study Germany.


To find out more information about Study Germany and the programmes that they offer, click on the link below.

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