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How to Apply for SEGi's High Achiever's Scholarship NOW Using Your SPM 2018 Trial Results

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 16, 2017, 09:51 am

Yes, scholarships are your answer to the education of your dreams. But you may feel like your chances are slim because your results are mediocre. Even those who achieved excellent results get rejected! Some things in life are just not guaranteed. But we are here to tell you different!

The Afterschool team has found the perfect scholarship that is catered to students with excellent results. But what’s so special about it you ask? The High Achiever’s Scholarship (HAS) offered by SEGi University Kota Damansara allows you to use your trials results to apply so you don’t have to wait till March for your actual results to be released. The HAS allows you to stay ahead of the game by enrolling into university with SEGi’s January intake.

1. Lasts Throughout Your Studies

The scholarship is offered for foundation, diploma and degree level. So even if you have completed your foundation and moved on to degree, you are STILL under the scholarship as long as you maintain a CGPA of 3.70 every semester.


2. Excellent Students are Guaranteed a Scholarship

If you have 8As and above, you are GUARANTEED this scholarship of up to 100% discount.


3. Allowed to Apply for Other Scholarships

This is one of the rare scholarships that allow you to apply for OTHER scholarships or student loans to cover the remaining cost of your fees if you did not manage to obtain 10As.


4. Apply Using Trial or SPM Results, Whichever One is Better

Yes, you read that right. You can apply using your trial results or SPM results, whichever one is better. However since the intake is in January, you can use your trial results first before you receive your SPM results..


5. Pathway after SPM:


6. Requirements: 

  • Malaysian citizen,
  • High academic achievement(s)
  • Active in extracurricular activities
  • Recommendation by the school principal would be advantageous
  • NOT applicable for Health Sciences programmes & Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Applicant is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 3.70 every semester to continue the scholarship.


7. SPM

  • 10As or more (full scholarship)
  • 9As (75% rebate on tuition fees)
  • 8As (50% rebate on tuition fees)


8. STPM / GCE A-Level

  • 4As (full scholarship)
  • 3As (75% rebate on tuition fees)
  • 2As (50% rebate on tuition fees)

Are you frustrated that you did not receive 8As? Fret not, as SEGi has all kinds of discounts and rebate schemes for all. Check them out below.




SEGi University Kota Damansara has been giving away RM100 million worth of scholarships but places are limited. So if you have received your trial results, why wait? Apply here today.


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