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How Much Can You Actually Save With Tuition Fee Waivers & Rebate Schemes Offered By IUKL?

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 20, 2017, 11:30 am

To many students, the words ‘tuition fee waiver’ and ‘rebate scheme’ may seem rather foreign. Two incentives that can be found within the halls of selected private universities, both have one common goal in mind: to soothe the wallets that bear the cost of a tertiary education. One such institution is none other than Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), and today, we will explore the rebate schemes and tuition fee waivers they offer, explain both in detail, as well as calculate the amount you could possibly save.  

Let us start our explanation with the more straightforward incentive of the two, the rebate scheme. To provide a clear picture, we shall use IUKL’s Rebate Scheme offer, which is for their September/October 2017 intake.

How does one qualify ?

Simple: This rebate is applicable to all applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements of the programme applied. Students will be given 3 cash vouchers and they can redeem only 1 voucher per semester.

  • Semester 1: RM1,000 Voucher
  • Semester 2: RM500 Voucher
  • Semester 3: RM500 Voucher (Foundation, Diploma, Master) / RM1,500 (Bachelor)

Which courses can students apply for? That’s surprisingly simple too:

  • All Foundation Studies.
  • All Diploma Programmes (Except Diploma in Architecture),
  • All Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (Except Bachelor of Civil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/Architectural Studies)
  • All Master’s Degree Programmes

So that’s almost everything, then. And now that we have rebate schemes out of the way, let’s move on the more intriguing incentive offered by IUKL, tuition fee waivers. And what better way to begin, than by using the definition according to the dictionary:

Yes, as you may have noticed, the excerpt above wasn’t pulled from a real dictionary. That however shouldn’t detract from the authenticity of the words one bit. A tuition fee waiver is indeed a very good thing. Basically, you receive a large discount every semester off your tuition if you maintain a high enough CGPA. At IUKL, this discount is fixed at 50%.  It’s as simple as that really. To put this into practice, and see how it’ll unfold in real life if you do join IUKL.

Using the above value as stated by IUKL, we can then estimate how much tuition would cost at the institution. Below, we have the break down for both Diploma and Degree courses. Please note that the discount is per semester, and terms and conditions apply.

Diploma Studies

Diploma in Accounting at IUKL cost (tuition): RM26,600.00

Duration: 2.5 years


Cost per semester: RM3,800.00

Assuming a student does achieve the required results to qualify for the tuition fee waiver scheme every semester, then he/she would save: RM1,900.00

Total Savings over duration of Diploma course: RM13,300.00              

Bachelor’s Degree Course

 This time, let’s take a look at what a Bachelor’s Degree course would cost when tuition waivers come into play. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at IUKL cost (tuition): RM45,600.00

Duration: 3 years 

Semesters: 9

Cost per semester: RM5,070.00

Assuming a student does achieve the required results to qualify for the tuition waiver scheme every semester, then he/she would save: RM2,535.00

Total Savings over duration of Diploma course: RM22,815.00

Total Savings

Total Savings for a Diploma Course: Approx. RM13,300.00 (varies depending on chosen course)

Total Savings for a Degree Course: Approx. RM22,815.00 (varies depending on chosen course)

And there you have it, everything you needed to know about rebate schemes and tuition fee waivers, synopsized in the most concise manner possible.

Are you interested in these rebate schemes or tuition waivers? Click here to apply now to IUKL, who also offer Partial Scholarships (SPM / O-Level: 5As and above, STPM CGPA > 3.000) and Full Scholarships (SPM / O-Level: 8As and above, STPM CGPA > 3.500).

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