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From MMU graduate to CEO: An inspiring story on self-growth and perseverance.

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 08, 2023, 10:43 am

Whether they are celebrities or accomplished businessmen, successful people can often seem larger than life. It is hard to imagine that behind all their awe-inspiring achievements, these were once inexperienced people.

Whether it’s going through high school, attending university or gradually building a career, these are individuals who have gone through countless life experiences that have shaped them to be who they are today.

For Noor Mohd Helmi Bin Nong Hadzmi, CEO and founder of IX Telecom, his time at Multimedia University (MMU) proved to be among the pivotal experiences in his life.

Humble beginnings

Helmi faced his first stint with management during his early years when he founded the MMU Rugby Club, becoming the club’s very first president. However, juggling both his studies and extracurricular commitments quickly became a significant hurdle for Helmi.

“During my time at MMU, we participated in an average of two tournaments and matches per month. This affected my studies and resulted in my grades fluctuating during the first and second years.”

While it started rough, Helmi eventually learned to overcome these challenges by learning to balance his time more effectively. He actively put effort into realigning his focus, prioritising goals and maintaining self-discipline – giving room for both his studies and the rugby club to flourish.

What started as a small group of like-minded peers grew into one of the most successful sports clubs in the university. While he did not know it at the time, he was beginning to hone essential qualities that would contribute greatly to his future career.

Many of the skills Helmi picked up during his time studying at MMU proved to be instrumental later on in his career.

He elaborated, “These experiences exposed me to student leadership, polishing my leadership and soft skills and teaching me valuable lessons in dealing with people, which are very important when doing business.”

Connecting others across the globe

At its core, IX Telecom has always been about connecting its customers to the greater digital world through superior internet services.

As CEO and founder of the company, Helmi found the most fulfilment in his position when he knew his work brought positive and substantial benefits to his customers.

“Knowing that our work enables people to access information and opportunities, and links them with others, fills me with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. The joy and satisfaction I feel from my line of work makes me feel truly blessed to be contributing to something meaningful.”

Teamwork and dedication is what lies at the heart of the IX Telecom team – a philosophy passed down by their founder Helmi.

Helmi is in charge of strategic direction and leadership within the organization, ensuring that key decisions made are aligned with the company's vision and goals.

While his efforts have landed him both prestige and recognition, he is quick to credit his talented team of experts as an instrumental part of the company’s success.

“When I was named the Asia Communications Award - CEO of the Year in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, I not only saw it as a prestigious recognition of my leadership, skills, vision and contributions to the field of communications in the Asia region, but also as a well-deserved recognition for my team who have stood behind me and worked hard together with me throughout the years.”

Nurturing the next generation

Our time spent at university tends to be the most formative years of our lives and holds the potential to set the trajectory for our entire professional and personal lives.

For Helmi, the supportive and collaboration-focused MMU setting helped him foster both confidence and competence that served as the driving force behind his successes.

“Encouragement from faculty members and staff fostered a positive learning environment, enabling me to excel in my studies and develop teamwork and communication skills. Engaging in projects and extracurricular activities exposed me to real-world challenges and honed my problem-solving abilities.

“The nurturing environment prepared me for success, shaping my subsequent achievements as an entrepreneur and CEO. I'm grateful for the valuable experiences and growth the MMU community provided.”

From student to adjunct professor, Helmi’s long standing relationship with MMU has played a core role in his career and personal growth.

Even after graduating with a Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering, Helmi continued to cultivate his relationship with MMU. This took the form of active collaboration between his company and MMU as an industry partner – believing that their joint efforts would prove fruitful to the talented students enrolled at the university.

He also went on to further his studies with an Executive Master in Business Management, serving the university as a guest lecturer, and currently holds a position as both an adjunct professor and a board member at the university.

Discover your capabilities with MMU

Helmi’s roommate was a co-founder of IX Telecom, and many of Helmi’s former rugby teammates also became valued staff at IX Telecom. The company would not exist if not for the strong bonds and camaraderie forged during his time at MMU.

Students enrolled at MMU are given an opportunity to build lifelong friendships that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Alongside a comprehensive curriculum and excellent mentors, graduates like Helmi can fulfill their potential and excel in modern industry.

Interested in joining the MMU family? Click here to find more information on their various courses and curriculum.

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