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Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 26, 2019, 11:02 am

Out of all the private pre-university options in Malaysia, A-Levels is arguably the most popular among students as it is a widely recognised university qualification and is accepted in more than 160 countries. Upon completing SPM, many students opt for A-Levels as their choice—but what are the entry requirements for A-Levels?

Essentially, to pursue A-Levels as a pre-u programme, you would need to pass your SPM, O-Levels, or IGCSE with at least 5 passes. It’s important to note that there are institutions which allow students to use their trial results to apply for A-Levels if the actual results are not yet available by the time of registration.

Entry Point into Top Universities in the World

The University of Cambridge; image via Crimson

As an internationally recognised pre-university programme, A-Levels is also regarded as a great steppingstone or entry point into top universities in the world, such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, or any of the Ivy League schools like Harvard University. Different universities typically have different entry requirements of A-Levels, depending on the course you wish to pursue as well.

To read more about the minimum entry requirements of A-Levels for five of the top universities in the world, click here.

Choosing the Best Subject Combination for A-Levels

There are over 40 subjects available to choose from in A-Levels, and students are recommended to take up to five subjects maximum, or a minimum of 3 subjects.

Since A-Levels is 100% exam-based and acts as a preparatory course for students before advancing to the degree level, choosing the right subject combination is crucial in determining your future. It will affect the course you decide to pursue for your bachelor’s degree, and subsequently your career. For example, if you intend to do Medicine for your degree, then it is recommended for you to take Chemistry, Biology, and perhaps Physics or Mathematics for your other subject.

Studying in Top-Notch Universities Worldwide

Cambridge University student Amir Fariq shares his experience studying in KYUEM before studying abroad in the UK; image via YouTube

As mentioned above, A-Levels is a gateway to pursuing your studies in top universities worldwide. How does one go about it? Where should you look? Well, you’ll be glad to learn that Malaysia’s very own KYUEM has had the success of enrolling their A-Levels students into some of the biggest universities overseas! KYUEM is proud to report that in 2018, they had one student who enrolled in Oxford University and 8 students to Cambridge University. As far as this year’s statistics figures are concerned, they have 2 students at the University of Oxford, and 8 students currently pursuing their studies at the University of Cambridge.

Want to know more about the experience of studying in top universities overseas? Hear it first-hand from a fellow KYUEM alumnus who is currently pursuing his studies at the University of Cambridge! You can watch the video featured on KYUEM’s profile page by clicking here.

Enjoying World-Class Facilities While Studying

Villas, chalets or apartments with private bedrooms available for student accommodation

KYUEM certainly prides itself on its world-class facilities. The 50-acre KYUEM campus in Lembah Beringin is 100% residential with superb facilities. There are no distractions here: the emphasis is on quality learning. Every student has a private bedroom in a variety of accommodation types, and the classrooms and labs are very well equipped.

The Dining Hall at KYUEM provides students with three meals a day, while a separate cafeteria also offers alternative dining for both students and staff. In terms of security, KYUEM has 24/7 security guard patrols, and the whole campus is covered by a network of CCTV cameras. There is also a well-equipped sick bay on site for medical purposes if required.

What’s more, KYUEM has an Olympic-size swimming pool, football and rugby pitches, indoor and outdoor racquet courts and a large, multi-purpose sports hall and gymnasium, for those who have the question of sports in mind. KYUEM also offers a huge range of clubs and societies, from Cooking Club to Model United Nations.

KYUEM’s January 2020 intake is now open. Find out more about KYUEM by clicking on the link below for more information!

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