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Discovering Life at KYUEM - A Glimpse into Campus Culture

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 28, 2023, 05:35 pm

For countless young scholars embarking on their educational journey, the allure of a vibrant campus culture is just as vital as the academic rigour of the institution they choose to attend.

Maung Shi Min Flonna spoke at length about her experiences at KYUEM, a place where she experiences a thriving culture in which both students and lecturers embody qualities of self-driven motivation, unwavering enthusiasm and support for teaching, besides a strong commitment to collaborative initiatives that extend beyond campus borders.

“Here at KYUEM, ambition is the norm. Students are constantly striving for self-improvement, both academically and in terms of personal development. This collective drive creates a vibrant and forward-looking academic environment.

Performing experiment in Puan Umi's lab! 

“The faculty are more than just educators; they are enthusiastic mentors. They approach their teaching roles with genuine zeal, and this enthusiasm extends to their willingness to explore innovative teaching methods alongside their students. For instance, my chemistry teacher, Puan Umi Azura, not only shared with us details of her project on electrolysis but also prepared materials to allow us to perform it in her class!”

She also emphasised the importance of collaboration at KYUEM. Whether it's embarking on new projects or establishing clubs, students and lecturers readily come together to brainstorm, innovate and bring ideas to life. This collaborative spirit extends beyond the classroom and campus, encompassing initiatives that aim to make both the institution and the wider community a better place.

Participation in clubs and organisations

During her journey at KYUEM, Flonna actively engaged with various campus clubs and organisations, which significantly enriched her college experience. One notable involvement was her participation in the annual sports carnival and racquet tournament.

She mentioned that the sports carnival is a unique and exciting event where students are divided into different coloured 'houses'.  This move created a sense of camaraderie and competition, as they competed in various sports including netball, football, table tennis and athletics.

“This experience allowed me to strike a balance between academic rigour and the thrill of sports competition. It was not only a refreshing break from classroom studies but also a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow students from different academic disciplines, fostering a strong sense of unity and school spirit.”

Unique traditions at KYUEM

Raya Celebration in KYUEM

Flonna praises the unique traditions at KYUEM that set it apart from other colleges. The most distinctive of these traditions is the formation of a close-knit community due to its boarding school nature. Unlike many other colleges where students commute from home, KYUEM fosters a sense of togetherness that goes beyond the classroom.

HERO's Clothes Donation Drive

One of the key distinctions is the continuation of activities beyond regular school hours. While students at other colleges typically leave after classes, at KYUEM, the day extends with various activities, sporting, cultural clubs or community engagements.

This extended engagement provides ample opportunities for students to bond and interact outside of academic settings. The emphasis on extracurricular activities and the variety of options available contribute to the formation of a vibrant and dynamic community.

The sense of belonging and camaraderie at KYUEM is particularly noteworthy. The students and staff support each other, creating a harmonious environment where everyone is family. The close interactions and shared experiences contribute to making it feel like a second home for its students.

Important values and principles

Flonna states that KYUEM holds the values of open-mindedness and a non-judgmental approach dear to its core. The institution places a strong emphasis on these principles, fostering a culture where they are actively practised and encouraged.

Paper Roller Coaster Building Competition with Men in Black (Group Name)

 “We value open-mindedness by being receptive to new ideas, perspectives and experiences. This openness to learning and embracing the unfamiliar is actively encouraged. It promotes an environment where individuals are curious, willing to explore new horizons and engage in critical thinking.”

KYUEM also values non-judgment. It fosters an environment where individuals are free to express themselves, take risks and learn from their mistakes without fear of harsh criticism. This non-judgmental approach encourages personal growth and innovation.

These values combine to create an atmosphere of tolerance, intellectual curiosity and continuous learning. They contribute to the development of well-rounded students who are not only academically accomplished but also open to new ideas, adaptable and compassionate in their interactions with others.


Personal and academic growth

Flonna also emphasises the profound influence on both her personal and academic growth, offering opportunities for skill development, community engagement, and a broader perspective on the world.

Pre-Med Club's Booth Opening

“In my capacity as the vice president of the Pre-Med club, I had the privilege of organising a series of impactful events. These experiences allowed me to develop essential soft skills, including communication and organisational abilities. Coordinating trips to the National Heart Institute, arranging a world organ donation talk and spearheading a blood donation drive exposed me to the healthcare profession.

“I had the chance to interact with professionals such as doctors, nurses and researchers. This not only prepared me for the working world but also broadened my horizons, providing insights into the medical field and the importance of community health.”

Preparation for higher education

As a scholar under Yayasan Khazanah, Flonna has the privilege of being supported in her application to universities on her sponsor’s exclusive university list. KYUEM has played a significant role in preparing her for higher education, particularly in terms of university application and guidance.

The school's University Guidance Counsellor, Puan Kasthuri and Ms Asiah, have been instrumental in her higher education preparation. They offered valuable guidance and support throughout the university application process. Their expertise and experience were crucial in helping her understand the nuances of applying to universities, regardless of their location.

The institution goes a step further by offering individual support, through which counsellors assist students with personalised advice and recommendations based on their academic and career goals. This tailored approach ensures that each student is well-prepared for their specific higher education path.

Memories not to be forgotten

One memory from KYUEM that will forever hold a special place in Flonna’s heart is the time spent in the RC (Resource Centre).

“From the countless hours of studying with friends during free blocks and after class to the 'Brain Freeze' sessions we hosted at the empty wall in the RC, each moment in this space was filled with a sense of camaraderie and a shared pursuit of knowledge.

Fundraising Night

“But more than the physical surroundings, it was the friendships forged in the RC while chasing our dreams that I will carry with me always. It has become a place where not only knowledge but lasting bonds were cultivated, making it a memory I'll treasure forever.” 

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