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Creative Poster Wins Third Place in Anniversary Contest

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 05, 2023, 10:25 am

TAR UMT student Sammi Low Hui Yi’s (pictured above) creative poster design successfully earned her a 3rd place finish in the 8TV 20th Anniversary Thematic Contest after the results were announced on 7 July 2023.

Encouraged to join the competition as part of an assignment, Sammi and her classmates from the Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Hons) programme submitted their respective design concepts for the competition held by 8TV to celebrate the Malaysian-Chinese television channel’s 20th anniversary.

Participating alongside other creative students from The One Academy and the Malaysian Institute of Art, Sammi’s poster managed to attract enough votes and earned her the 3rd place finish for its bold use of colours, creative arrangement and meaningful elements.

“My concept shows the mascot flying across the galaxy and through the ‘20’ logo, symbolising 8TV’s continuous progress past its 20th anniversary milestone. The little elements comprising triangles, circles and squares represent ‘play’, ‘family gatherings’, and ‘television’ respectively, which symbolise how 8TV can bring families together for a fun-filled experience through their programmes,” explained Sammi.

Even though she did not clinch the top spot, Sammi insisted the learning experience is a more valuable prize, adding: “I was confident that my creative abilities will be able to win over the voters, but in the end, I was able to gain something by seeing the ideas and designs creative students from other institutions presented, which will inspire me for my future designs.”

“Fresh designers like me and my classmates will need experiences like this to help us temper our design skills and learn how to manage expectations with clients in a real-life setting. The balanced mix of academic knowledge and practical opportunities provided in TAR UMT certainly helps us learn effectively while pushing ourselves to test our abilities beyond the classroom,” she said.

(Sammi's poster which won 3rd place in the competition.)

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