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Covid-19 affected your plans to study overseas? Consider studying with Malaysia’s best UK university

Published by on Sep 08, 2020, 10:03 am

No thanks to Covid-19, students around the world are left floundering about their studies – questions arise, are online classes a thing now or can they return back to campus? Will the campus remain closed until a vaccine is discovered? But how long will that take?

Arguably, the biggest stress for some students is definitely their plans to study overseas. Travelling and studying overseas are not permitted in many countries since borders are now either closed, or entrance to borders comes with extensive rules and SOPs. Not only that, health risks are another defining factor as many countries are still struggling with the pandemic. And for us Asians, we might have to face racial discriminations abroad.

So, what can students do?

Try to find flexible campus transfer options

Why? Because flexible campus transfer options mean you have a chance to transfer to an overseas campus.

At University of Southampton Malaysia, its engineering programmes focus on a 2+2 delivery model, whereby students can study two years in Malaysia before transferring to the UK to complete the other two years with a 20% scholarship on their Years 3 and 4 overseas. Not only that, Southampton Malaysia’s engineering students will also graduate in the UK with a Master of Engineering.

This flexible option offered by the University of Southampton Malaysia can help students save 40% of the cost! Southampton Malaysia is also offering an Engineering Foundation Year for SPM and O-Levels graduates to kick-start their journey.

The University of Southampton Malaysia also offers business programmes for Malaysian students to complete all three years locally, but with an option to apply and transfer to the UK campus to complete their degrees in their second or third year.

With these options available, students and parents can observe the situation and make the best decisions for themselves.

Consider classroom and online lecture deliveries

No doubt the pandemic has affected how lectures are delivered, but the University of Southampton Malaysia was quick to take action. Since April, the university is set to deliver all lectures online – thus offering maximum convenience to its students in these times.

However, if students aren’t totally used to online delivery, the university has also resumed face-to-face class delivery following the Malaysian government’s approval. The online delivery option remains available for international students and those who prefer to study from the comfort of home.

Why University of Southampton Malaysia?

For students who aren’t totally used to online delivery, the University of Southampton Malaysia has resumed face-to-face class delivery following the Malaysian government’s approval

The University of Southampton is a global top 100 university, according to QS World University Rankings 2021. That makes the University of Southampton Malaysia the best UK university in Malaysia! Plus, with the UK’s newly announced Graduate Immigration Route, students who complete their degrees in the UK can apply to live and work in the country for two years. This prestigious university is also affordable as students can save up to 40% to 60% of the fees, and can apply for its generous scholarships and grants.

Top-ranked engineering and business programmes

The university is proud to share that its engineering programmes are all ranked top 10 in the UK according to the Complete University Guide 2020, and are well recognised by the Board of Engineers Malaysia. Check out the University of Southampton’s Engineering Foundation Year, MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics, MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering and MEng Mechanical Engineering.

Southampton’s Business, Management and Marketing programme is also ranked top 10 in the UK! Some of the offered business programmes at the university include BSc Business Management and BSc Accounting and Finance.

So, what’s next?

The University of Southampton Malaysia is currently opening its intake until this Sept 30! Click HERE if you are interested to apply to the University of Southampton Malaysia, and to learn more about the university’s list of scholarships, bursaries and grants, visit or contact [email protected].

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