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APU Team "Roadto15k" Emerges As Champions At Varsity Hackathon 2024

Published by Afterschool.my on May 07, 2024, 10:48 am

(L-R) Lee Wen Han, Tan Jia Ling, Mr Amad Arshad (Mentor), Suzanne Lai Tzi Syuen (Team Lead), and Gan Ming Liang, celebrating their victory in the Varsity Hackathon 2024.


The roadto15k team from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) has secured the coveted title of champions at the Varsity Hackathon 2024, organised by the Computer Science Society of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone for the team and underscores their dedication, innovation, and technical prowess in the field of computer science.

Led by Suzanne Lai Tzi Syuen (Left, front row), the roadto15k team comprised Gan Ming Liang (Left, back row), Tan Jia Ling (Right, front row), and Lee Wen Han (Left, back row), all second-year students at APU.

Guided by their mentor, Mr Amad Arshad, Senior Lecturer and Corporate Trainer, School of Computing at APU, the team embarked on a journey of creativity and problem-solving, culminating in their outstanding success at the hackathon.

The Varsity Hackathon 2024 serves as the premier event within the framework of FIKRA ACE - Excel, a pivotal facet of the Securities Commission’s FIKRA ACE1 strategy.

This initiative is geared towards nurturing the growth of Islamic fintech by cultivating expertise and fostering talent through partnerships with esteemed higher learning institutions.

The Varsity Hackathon, now in its third edition, witnessed competition from over 200 teams representing universities from across Malaysia.

The preliminary rounds, held from 27th February to 24th March 2024, whittled down the participants to the top 15 teams who competed in the grand finals on 20th April 2024.

The roadto15k team, in their debut appearance, showcased exemplary skills and determination, setting themselves apart in a highly competitive environment.

The judging criteria for the competition encompassed technical proficiency, innovation in idea and business models, and the effectiveness of the pitching presentation.

The roadto15k team demonstrated unparalleled creativity and ingenuity in developing “Savvy,” a mobile application aimed at revolutionising debt management and financial literacy in Malaysia.

Savvy integrates gamification elements, expense-tracking functionalities, and a community-driven platform to empower users in their journey towards financial wellness.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter and Google Cloud services, the team crafted a comprehensive solution that resonated with both the judges and the audience.

Upon clinching the championship title, the roadto15k team was awarded a total prize of RM15,000, a testament to their outstanding performance and dedication throughout the hackathon.

This accolade not only highlights their individual talents but also showcases APU’s commitment to nurturing innovative minds and fostering excellence in the field of technology.

Reflecting on their journey to victory, Suzanne (Team Leader), representing her team, expressed profound gratitude to their mentor and supporters, emphasising the significance of the award for both the team and APU.

The award held immense meaning for all involved, signifying the culmination of their efforts, the fulfilment of belief, and the impact of their compassionate approach to addressing a prevalent societal issue.

Mr Amad lauded the team’s unwavering dedication, emphasising their adeptness at embracing new technological frontiers and fostering effective collaboration.

He underscored that the fundamental pillars of their success were the strong bond among the team members, their receptive approach to constructive feedback, and their fervent enthusiasm for exploring emerging technological domains.

Expressing optimism for the team’s future endeavours, Mr Amad eagerly anticipates their continued contributions in bringing honour and recognition to APU in forthcoming events.

As the roadto15k team celebrates their achievement, they are dedicated to pushing innovation boundaries and making a positive impact on society.

Their path from conception to implementation is an inspiration to upcoming generations of technologists and innovators, exhibiting resilience and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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