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A Foundation with Manipal International University

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 06, 2016, 04:39 pm

Introducing a Special Scheme in Foundation Program.


Manipal International University is offering a waiver of Admin Fee, Registration Fee & one month Tuition Fee Waiver.

Valid up to 15th September 2016 and domestic students, MIU is also offering;

  1. All Foundation students, other than 100%/50% scholarship students, are eligible
  2. Waiver of Registration Fee - RM300 and Admin Fee - RM400
  3. Waiver of First month's net Tuition Fee - RM1,100 for FIE & FIS - RM1,000 for FIB
  4. The first month tuition fee waiver is limited to the due tuition fee net of any rebates.
  5. Number of A's based scholarship will not be applicable
  6. If the student fails to progress, the above rebate must be paid back to the University
  7. After completion of foundation program, if the student enrol into our UG program, the due 1st semester tuition fee for the UG program will be waived.

Apply now with a prosperous future with Manipal International University.

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