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8 things you could do while waiting for your actual SPM results

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 06, 2021, 10:12 pm

With the recent ban of SPM trial results for pre-university entry, it appears to be that students will be having a lot of time in their hands while waiting for their actual exam results. When it comes to learning, there is no downtime. Learning is not confined in the four corners of a classroom. Learning happens whenever we allow new experiences to happen!


1. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is no longer past time but is a necessity because it helps you to expand your view of the world. Moreover, a foreign language opens up exciting job opportunities for you which could involve travel or living overseas for a period time. A report from CNN found that translators and interpreters will be one of the 15 fastest growing occupations between now and 2020. Among the easiest languages to learn include French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Swedish.

  • ELS Malaysia
  • SLC Language Centre
  • Inter Cultural Language School

Diving Day One - 13th FINA World championships

2. Make a splash! 

Did you know that one in six children cannot swim? Moreover, about 54 per cent of the world's total population can't swim. And did you know that drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death worldwide? With that said, it's important to take time to learn this life-saving skill --- it's one of life's milestones, like riding a bike or learning to read. It not only helps you have a strong pair of lungs but it also helps build your self esteem and independence.

  • Aeroswim
  • AquaSplash Academy
  • Let2Swim


3. Make delicious desserts

Time to raise your culinary game and warm  your kitchen with the scent of good things baking. If you like making things manually, a cooking or baking class could be just the fix! Most short-duration classes comes with a brief lecture, hands-on production and lunch session. Moreover, you can meet new friends who share your interest in cooking and baking.

  • Baking Class Malaysia
  • Baking Project
  • Sugar Craft
  • The Cooking House


4. Play beautiful music

A study (Shellenberg, 2004) examined the influence of music education on non-musical abilities, the effects on music lessons on academic performance and cognitive abilities. The study revealed that students who participated in music lessons showed statistically higher intelligence quotients. Learning to play music encourages and motivates you to be successful.

  • Philharmonic School of Music & Arts
  • Allegro Music & Arts
  • Opus Academy of Music


5. Do internship or volunteer work

The world needs more selfless people. Spend your free time to do volunteer work on a project that is near and dear to you in some way. Recognizing your own ability to make a difference is not only empowering and self-esteem boosting, it can offer life-long rewards in your future personal endeavors (think of scholarship applications). Furthermore, this will help you in your university applications --- you finally have something to write about for extra-curricular activities.

  • Do Good Volunteer
  • WWF-Malaysia
  • Do Something Good


6. Go for some nature-adventure activities

Many young people nowadays have little or no contact with the natural environment. There are benefits of active involvement in outdoor adventures and one of the obvious plus points is physical fitness. Other studies show that involvement in the outdoors improve social behaviour.

  • Outdoor Gear Malaysia
  • EveryTrail
  • OpenSky Unlimited


7. Start putting your thoughts on paper

Well, for those who are into social media, it may be a good time to start blogging or vlogging. If you're the shy student in the class, now is a great time to practise and solidify your ideas by expressing yourself. We know that not every post is going to be perfect, but writing more on things you enjoy most can help improve your vocabulary, literary skills, and even critical thinking.

  • Silver Fish Writing Program


8. Travel, travel, travel

It has long been said that 'travel broadens the mind', and recent studies are proving this point! Reviews on psychological distance concept suggests that travel not only improves productivity and creativity but self-awareness as well. William Maddux, an American social psychologist, observed that those who live abroad come home more creative too. Furthermore, travelling pushes you to you learn to make friends out of strangers and get more comfortable talking to new people.


Written by Lyn Cacha

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