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7 Things You Should Know About UNIMY

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 23, 2018, 07:21 am

Perhaps one of the most underrated social networking applications locally is LinkedIn. Shoved down the pecking order by other social networking behemoths such as Facebook and Snap Chat, nevertheless LinkedIn’s global numbers are still by and large impressive: the business-oriented application had 500,000,000 members as of April 2017 and was sold to Microsoft for an eye-watering USD 26.4 billion (that’s right, billion with a B). Connecting this vast library of career dots, LinkedIn utilise their massive database to conduct studies annually to determine the condition of the job market.  

Results for 2018 saw no surprises, with tech and IT reigning supreme. In fact, one of the three conclusions drawn by LinkedIn painted a very clear picture for the future: “Technology is here to stay. Year-over-year technology jobs and skills have dominated these lists, and that’s a trend that’s likely here to stay.” To prepare you for a highly IT and tech-heavy future is Malaysia’s first ICT-focused Digital Technology University, the University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering, or UNIMY for short. Curious? Intrigued? Well then, here are 7 things you should know about the newest addition to Malaysia’s burgeoning educational ICT scene, and why you should consider UNIMY as your tertiary education institution of choice.

1.UNIMY is the Nation’s First ICT Boutique University

The gap that now exists between supply and demand for talent in the ICT industry is somewhat lopsided, as proved in a study conducted by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in 2015, which showed a 6% annual industry and employment growth, versus a 2% graduate growth. Thankfully then UNIMY’s entire existence revolves around ICT, and UNIMY courses are all ICT-centric, offered at the foundation, diploma and degree study levels, with the aim of creating graduates that will go on to fill this void.

2.Professional Certifications Included in Curriculum

The current job market, to anyone who’s ventured into it at least, is a tough spot to be in. Why is that? The simple reason: Competition. While a bachelor’s degree would’ve guaranteed a stellar job with a premium salary to boot back in the day, current times do no afford such luxury. In fact, one quick glance at postings on Jobstreet.com would show you that a bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum to apply for 90% of the jobs out there. So how does one stand out in an ever-growing crowd? For a UNIMY graduate, that’s relative simple: do nothing. This is because UNIMY courses come with professional certifications and training imbued seamlessly into their courses, which are offered as electives during their 3rd year. So, when a UNIMY student graduates, they’ve got additional certifications to spice up their CV and give them an edge. Examples of these certifications include CompTIA, the world’s leading tech association and EC-Council, the world’s largest cyber security technical certification body.

3. Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Starting off in a new university is not easy task for a student. Pulling the curtain back and looking behind all the fancy facilities, modern classrooms and shiny LCD screens, you’ll find an anxious student who struggles to make new friends who’s trying to adapt to life away from home. What’s worse, this happens on more than one occasion to many students. They transfer from one university to another to obtain a higher qualification that isn’t offered at the first uni, thus resetting the entire acclimatisation process. UNIMY courses however, put an end to all that and alleviate any qualms a student could potentially have. UNIMY courses are of the following study levels: foundation, diploma and bachelor’s degree. This rigid structure permits a UNIMY student to map out their entire tertiary education journey from its very infancy during their foundation years to its conclusion.

4. Yayasan University Malaysia

Scholarships are an almost invaluable commodity in the face of rising costs in Malaysia. The number of these intangible awards up for grabs have also seen a dramatic rise thanks to the emergence of new institutions around the country, and UNIMY is no different. UNIMY scholarships include the Yayasan Universiti Malaysia, one of the biggest scholarships in the aforementioned category. Why is this UNIMY scholarship so popular? Well, have a look at its details below:

Yayasan Universiti Malaysia

Programme: Foundation & Diploma

Minimum Academic Requirement (SPM or equivalent)

  • 8As: 100% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees) ONE YEAR Hostel Monthly Fee (Foundation Applicant Only) MONTHLY STIPEND RM430 (Foundation Applicant Only)
  • 7As: 60% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)
  • 6As: 50% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)
  • 5As: 40% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)
  • 4As & Below: RM1000 rebate for each A (A+/A/A-)

Foundation Applicant:

Applicants shall be entitled an additional RM1,000 rebate for each A (A+/A/A-) in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English and Information Technology obtained in SPM (or equivalent), except for the recipient of FULL Yayasan Universiti Malaysia scholarship.

Programme: Bachelor

Minimum Academic Requirement (Foundation/STPM or equivalent)

  • CGPA 3.70: 100% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)
  • CGPA 3.50: 60% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)
  • CGPA 3.30: 50% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)
  • CGPA 3.00: 40% WAIVER on Total Fees (Tuition & Resource Fees)

5. Partners include KPMG and IBM

It’s common practice for universities/colleges to establish partnerships with overseas universities as well as well-known companies to gain a foothold, both in the industry , as well as in the crowded educational landscape here in Malaysia. UNIMY partners however, will be familiar to anyone, period. Thanks to strategic planning, industry juggernauts such as IBM and KPMG lend their expertise in one way or another. On top of that, Prestariang Berhad, UNIMY's parent company, has partners such as Oracle, Thales and even Microsoft, connections which UNIMY has access to. Oh, what about university partners we hear you ask? Well, UNIMY’s one and only academic collaborator is none other than Australia’s no.1 university, the University of Melbourne, having been ranked the best university in Australia in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2018.

6.The UNIMY Overseas Internship Award

Internships are one of the most important and anticipated modules of a course at university. It gives students a sneak peek into what the working world in their field will be like, as well as imparting priceless knowledge and experience that students will never find printed on the page of a textbook. In a word: important. UNIMY recognises this, and as such, created a highly sought-after prize for deserving students: the UNIMY Overseas Internship Award. The UNIMY Overseas Internship Award gives UNIMY students the chance to head to the US, Europe, Australia or Japan to intern with an industry leader, a university, or even both!

Qualification Criteria

  • Students who score above 3.50 CGPA and above
  • Active in university events
  • Strong leadership quality
  • *Interview will be conducted if necessary

7.The UNIMY Incubation Centre

•Microsoft, Facebook and Google are three of the biggest names in the world today, with each company valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. Something they have in common that very few realise: All these start-ups/ideas were thought up by their respective creators when they were still at university, and these 3 instances aren’t they exception, rather, they’re slowly becoming the norm. These days, university students are more creative and innovative than ever, in part due to the surrounding technology. UNIMY understands this and has duly created the UNIMY Incubation Centre. The atmosphere of  the UNIMY Incubation Centre sees a platform where ideas can be nurtured into viable businesses, where there’s expert mentoring and there are opportunities to find initial funding and to create the basis of a great network. The UNIMY Incubation Centre basically ensures any idea UNIMY students come up with can be evaluated by the right people from relevant industries, have its potential determined, and help grow it exponentially if the initial idea is found to have merit.  

UNIMY may be the new kid on the block, but thanks to the combination of the comprehensive UNIMY courses, the Yayasan University Malaysia scholarship, the UNIMY Overseas Internship Award, the UNIMY Incubation Centre, UNIMY partners like KPMG and IBM, as well as a wealth of other reasons, UNIMY offers a tantalising package to any student looking to venture into the world of ICT.

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