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3 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Finish SPM, STPM, Polytechnic, and University

Published by Afterschool.my on May 04, 2016, 03:52 pm

Education is a journey in Malaysia, it all depends on which path you take after each level of education.


The ability for people to learn is a never ending process, we learn everyday whether its academic or life experience related. But how does life change after we have acquired different levels of academic recognition.

1. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)


First and foremost, congratulations on obtaininng your first certificate. With this qualification, you could continue to pursue your STPM certificate, or proceed with either polytechnics, matriculation or college foundation. Pursuing a Diploma in specific field is also popular among SPM graduates.

2. Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)


The advantage of obtaining a STPM certificate is that you're able to enroll into a university right away. The minimum requirement to enrol in a Degree programme is to have a strong STPM credits.

The one and a half years you spend after your SPM allows you to have a better understanding of not only in your academic and career path, but also of the environment around you and the opportunities that lies ahead.

3. Polytechnic


Polytechnics are technical based programmes which prepares students for a professional certificate or a Diploma in a specific field. If you are more hands-on in your work, be prepared to be moulded for your career path.


After polytechnics you're now a skilled individual that's ready for work. They duration of training has equipped you with the basic knowledge and understanding of the field you are in. You could work straight away to gain experience or pursue a Bachelor's degree.

4. Matriculation/ Foundation


These programmes are fast tracks lanes for students who're planning on continuing with a degree that's related to their preparatory programme. After completing your foundation, you're more aware of the value of different qualifications.

You can't start working right away, since foundation alone is not enough for job application. However due to the foundation programme, you're now able to manage your schedule better in terms of classes, social life and family time.

5. University


When you're done with University, you are more aware of your responsibilities as an individual. Each decision you make is crucial for your progress in life and in your career.

University exposes you to the different cultures and backgrounds of many. When you've completed your degree, you'll be exposed to life.

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