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3 Convincing Reasons Why You Need to Study Medicine Abroad

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 24, 2020, 05:55 pm

Studying abroad has always been encouraged by the world at large especially for careers with global marketability. Doctors, in particular, are one of the most in-demand jobs for the past decades and will continue to remain so as the population increases. Which is why opportunities to study abroad for medicine students are aplenty.

But what exactly are the benefits of studying medicine abroad instead of locally?

Benefits of studying medicine abroad

Increase your marketability

Several studies show that students who have studied abroad are more attractive on the job market! Based on a 2017 survey more than half of survey respondents believe that studying abroad helped them get a job and longer-term studying abroad experiences had a higher impact on subsequent job offers. Essentially, learning about the world hands-on, as you do abroad, is just a lot more impressive to potential employers than what you learned from powerpoint slides or assignments.

Improve your personal development

Studying abroad can give you more life experience, cultural awareness and perhaps a very different perspective on life from the fellow graduates you’ll be studying with. When you study abroad, you're taking in twice the knowledge.

The textbook may teach you more or less the same curriculum as it would at home. But the people you're surrounded by, their culture, the everyday occurrences that strike you as odd or different? Those are all forms of "teachers" you wouldn't be exposed to at home, safe inside your comfort zone.

A new perspective

When studying at an international faculty you are exposed to different cultures, languages, and people, thus giving you the confidence to interact with your patients regardless of their background. Think about it, by learning about international healthcare and putting it into action as an international medicine student, you will be reminded of why you chose pre-med every single day. Being able to listen, understand and respond to everyone is especially crucial in the field of healthcare where practitioners help people from all walks of life, and are likely to be working alongside team members from a variety of backgrounds.

Where to Study?

It’s no secret that there are plenty of universities (both locally and abroad) that offer medicine courses. But Management & Science University (MSU) should definitely be your top choice! Ranked “Top 100 Young University in the World” under QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings list in its 2020 edition, MSU has a 98.7% graduate-secure-job rate within six months of graduation. That makes MSU one of Malaysia’s best universities on graduate’s employability.

MSU’s Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a five year medical programme offered at the main campus in Shah Alam and the offshore campus in Bangalore, India. Planning to study medicine abroad for a slightly more affordable price while still acquiring quality education? Then International Medical School (IMS) of MSU located in Bangalore it is!

Why Bangalore?

Bangalore is considered as the education hub of India and it has been the 'powerhouse' of an enormous number of leading global organisations and reputable higher education institutions. Beyond classroom dynamics, the students of MSU also develop charisma and confidence through community engagement. The aspiring doctors are not just passing exams to obtain their MBBS degree at the end of five years, but it also involves treating patients, developing or acquiring the necessary skills a brilliant doctor will need.

Not convinced? Then this special vlog might just persuade you!

Grab the chance to study abroad…

And especially studying medicine since it offers students an amazing chance to experience other cultures, widen one’s perspective and be familiar with the international medical field – all of which can give a student a competitive advantage in the arena!

What else are you waiting for? Apply to MSU’s MBBS programme today for their October intake! To find out more about MSU, do visit https://www.msu.edu.my/

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