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10 Reasons to Study at Curtin University

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 02, 2018, 03:54 am

Established here in 2002, Curtin University arrived with a sterling reputation that preceded itself. Fast forward 1.5 decades and Curtin University Malaysia has exceeded all expectations that were placed on their very capable shoulders, evident by their 5-star SETARA rating for the fourth consecutive year. Regrettably, a majority of students are still unaware of this gem of an institution in Sarawak. Read on, as we introduce you to Curtin University and 10 reasons why it should be your tertiary education destination of choice.

Curtin University 2019 Intake 


  • World-Class Rankings

world class rankings

The fact that we are now a culture that is obsessed with rankings can no longer be ignored.

In this respect, Curtin University has consistently excelled, having been ranked 22nd among universities under the age of 50 in the QS World University Rankings 2018, retaining its exemplary 5-star rating from QS. This, of course, is on top of the fact that Curtin University was ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016 as well as being ranked one of the world’s most international universities, and the second-most international university in Australia, in 2016 by Times Higher Education. Quality guaranteed.

  • Malaysian Recognition

ratings of setara 2017

While it’s convenient to label Curtin Sarawak as a small branch campus, a shadow of its sister university back Down Under, the glaring fact that Curtin University Malaysia has picked up its fourth consecutive 5-star SETARA rating is a testament to how false that assumption truly is. Curtin Malaysia’s ISO 9001:2008 certification, awarded in 2013, is just icing on the very educational cake.

  • Expansive, Gorgeous Campus

The very utterance of Sarawak brings about images of paradise, a rich world with flora and fauna dyed in vibrant colours that would make jaws drop. Now, just imagine placing a state-of-the-art campus right smack in the middle of such a location, with all the facilities that would occupy a student’s wildest dream. Don’t have a vivid imagination? Then check out the video below, an aerial view of Curtin Sarawak.

  • Flexible Courses

With campuses located all around the globe, including Perth, Singapore and Dubai, Curtin University continues to expand at an exponential rate, an expansion that Curtin Sarawak students can reap the benefits from with the option to transfer to Perth or Singapore for a fixed duration of their course.

  • A Global University

international students

Over 4,000 students from 45 different countries. Experienced and adroit teachers from around 15 different nations. Campuses in 4 countries spread around the world. Interspersed between all those numbers is a wealth of various cultures, diverse beliefs, dissimilar practices, creating a truly international outlook and allowing any Curtin Sarawak student to expand their horizons and grow as a person.

  • International Courses, International Degrees

Courses taught at Curtin Sarawak are identical to those at Curtin University in Australia. The gulf between teachers from their home campus and Curtin Sarawak is non-existent, all are given the same, highly-lauded, skill set. To top it off, the degree you are conferred upon graduation are directly from Curtin University themselves, giving all Curtin Sarawak students a truly and wholly, unparalleled international experience.

  • Internal & External Scholarships


Curtin University Malaysia offers various scholarships to their students who achieve the required grades. Some of these internal Curtin University scholarships include:

  • Dean’s Scholar
  • Curtin Sarawak Merit Scholarship
  • CSM Scholar
  • WA Premier Scholarship
  • Pro Vice Chancellor’s International Scholar

Furthermore, there are external scholarships offers by third part establishments and companies for students who intend to/are currently enrolled at Curtin Sarawak. These external Curtin University scholarships include:

  • Daiken and STA Scholarships
  • The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship
  • Tunas Potensi (PENERAJU) Scholarship
  • MREPC Scholarship Award
  • Yayasan Sarawak Bestari Scholarship
  • Biasiswa Negeri Sabah Scholarship

All these scholarships are offered at different study levels, with some solely intended for Degree students, while others are meant for other levels of study. Those who do not think themselves capable of obtaining these sponsorships can also opt for PTPTN, a SOCSO Education Loan, the EPF Withdrawl Scheme for Education and even the Yayasan Sarawak Loan, details and requirements of each having been listed out on the Curtin Sarawak website.

  • Multiple Accommodation Options


Image via international.curtin.edu.my

If the thought of moving to Sarawak to pursue your tertiary education seems daunting, then you may fret a little less, knowing that Curtin University eases the transition by providing a plethora of housing options, to suit any kind of student. For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of being directly on campus, there are the Lakeside Apartments 1 & 2 (within campus), whereas for students who yearn for a little more freedom, both Curtin Village, Curtin Villa and Curtin Water 1 & 2 are located within the immediate neighbourhood.

  • Courses at Every Study Level

Many students are constantly looking for a university that offers them the ability to complete not just a foundation or degree level course at the same university, but a related postgraduate one as well. Many even directly enrol in Master’s courses after graduating, whether it be part time, or full time. Curtin University Malaysia offers students this very option, offering courses at the foundation, undergraduate, as well as postgraduate levels, covering various business and engineering courses.

Curtin University 2019 Intake


  • Reasonable Fees & Various Payment Options


Curtin University fees reflect that of a prestigious private university, with their double major courses, in particular, providing excellent value. Additionally, there are numerous payment options at a student’s disposal should they choose Curtin Sarawak. Some of them include:

Curtin Offers more affordable Fees


By cash, cheque or bank draft at any Maybank branch nationwide

By cash, cheque, bank draft or credit card (VISA/MasterCard) in person at the University Cashier’s Office

By telegraphic transfer (TT) (for payment from overseas) to the University’s designated bank account

By cheque or bank draft through post or courier together with Student Name and Student ID Numbers

By credit card by completing and faxing or emailing the Credit Card Authorisation Form

By JomPAY through Internet or Mobile Banking from either your Malaysian Current Account, Saving Account or Credit Card

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