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12 Reasons Why Penang is the Best Place to Study in Malaysia

Published by on Nov 13, 2017, 01:27 am

When a Malaysian student weighs up his/her options for university, two immediate options spring to mind- universities in Kuala Lumpur, and Selangor. The Malaysian equivalent to the city of lights, KL is far and away the most popular choice, with universities in Selangor never far behind. But what about a third option, one that would afford you all the facilities you come to expect with a modern-day university, packaged in less hectic and compact environment? Oh, and there’s beaches for you to enjoy too! It can only be Penang, and here are 11 reasons why you should consider it as your tertiary education destination.

1. Many World Class Universities

Students have been known to be oblivious to universities located in Penang, whose names are familiar with most, including USM, Disted, SEGi, INTI, Penang Medical College, Wawasan Open University, UiTM, and many more. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

2. Better Traffic

If you’re a university student in Kl who owns a car, congratulations, you’ll probably spend more time stuck in a jam then you will be moving! Not to worry though, because traffic in Penang is less severe and much smoother (Barring rush hour of course lah!).

3. City-Island Hybrid Lifestyle

You want to study in a thriving city that’s alive and filled with things to do? You also want to study at a place where there’s places of solitude, serene locations of quiet? Well, in Penang, you can have your cake and eat it too.

4. Commute with Ease

While not quite up to par with the lack of MRTs and LRTs, Penang does have its own Rapid Penang bus line, allowing students on a budget to get to their destinations with ease.

5.Affordable Accommodation

Rooms in Georgetown which are close by KDU & Disted would cost you around RM350 per person, while a room in Bukit Jambul near INTI would run you around RM400 per person, a whole lot cheaper than the rates in KL.

6. The Penang Digital Library


The Penang Digital Library may not have any physical books, but it has over 3,000 titles e-books, and journals, is open 24 hours with a café conveniently located within its premises ready to fuel the midnight oil with a hot brew!

7. Variety of Courses


Looking to study medicine? You have the intentionally recognised Penang Medical College (with partner uni Royal College of Surgeons Ireland). Want to do engineering instead? You have SEGi. Only looking for pre-university courses? Disted offers A-Levels. Basically, Penang offers all the courses you could imagine, at every study level you could fathom.

8. Work Hard, Play Hard

Students who study hard would then proceed to plan a well-deserved holiday somewhere exotic. Well, in Penang, your destination would be a stone throw’s away from your uni. The numerous beaches supplanted by the tropical nature of the entire island make it a student’s dream.

9. Safe

While no state is totally free from robberies and other more heinous crimes, Penang is relatively on the safer side of the law, as noted by the statistic above. 

10. Attractions Galore

While this may be more on the touristy side, student’s looking to let their hair down can look to a plethora of different attractions, form the World’s Largest Reclining Buddha Statues, a ride or hike up Penang Hill, Bird Park, Botanical Gardens, as well as the now infamous street art the adorns the walls of random yet select walls, there’s something for every kind of student here!

11. Glorious Food

Yup, we saved the best for last. Penang is the best place on earth for food, fullstop. Every corner you encounter, every street you cross, there’ll be at least one notable food stall that’s ingrained in Penangite folklore. Nasi Kandar, Char Koay Teow, Assam Laksa, Cendol, Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Mee Goreng, the list could literally go on forever!

12. Gives You a Chance to Grow Up

Many people don’t consider Penang because they stay elsewhere, thinking of it as a con during the contemplation stage. On the contrary, studying away from home, even if it’s merely a different state, can do a world of good to a student’s life skills, helping them grow up and supplement the education they’ll receive with communication skills and independence, two crucial ingredients that every company will yearn for when hiring a fresh graduate!


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