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Why Is There A High Demand For Land Surveyors?

Published by on Feb 05, 2020, 05:17 pm

The development sector, which is the third-largest sector in the country, has always been a primary source of career opportunities for graduates in the Geospatial field. Despite the abundance of job offers, however, the career of a land surveyor remains to be less popular than those in the same field.



Lack of exposure is the main factor as to why students are showing less interest in the field, with some remaining oblivious to the existence of such programmes in IPTA/IPTS. Therefore, with so many students still unsure of their future educational endeavours, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on what is expected of a land surveyor as well as career opportunities for students upon graduation.



What are the tasks of a land surveyor? Basically, a land surveyor will measure and decide the boundaries of a specific land to avoid conflict with nearby landowners before any project is launched. Any data collected after the measurements are taken will become the reference for the involved parties of the project such as the architects, engineers, contractors and the likes. Graduates are also opened to apply for related jobs such as below:

  • Land Survey Assistant
  • Hydrographic Surveyor Assistant
  • Cartography Supervisor
  • Project Supervisor
  • Settlement Officer
  • Real Estate and Property Officer (Banking and Insurance industry)
  • Land Survey Draftsman
  • CAD / CAM Operator
  • Falak Syarie Assistant
  • Assistant Air Trafic Controller
  • Project Assistant Coordinator
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) Assistant)
  • Geological Survey Assistant
  • Geophysics Assistant
  • Global Positioning System Assistant
  • Dimensional Surveyor

The Salary Range of Land Surveyors in Malaysia

A license land surveyor’s salary begins from RM10,000 and above, depending on the person’s working experience. Usually, the salary ranges based on qualifications are from RM2000 to RM4000 (degree), RM2000 to RM 2500 (Diploma) and RM1800 to RM2000 (Certificate). However, if your qualifications include a diploma and previous experience with established construction companies, a higher salary may be offered by the employer. It all depends highly on the experience and skills, not just qualifications. 

Geomatic Courses in IPTA/IPTS

To those interested to continue their studies in this field, there are a couple of public and private institutions that offer the courses, such as Geospatial Science & Technology College (GSTC), UiTM, UTM and others.



For public institution, you need to fulfill the required qualifications aside from competing with thousands of other applicants. So your chances might be significantly slim. But don’t give up just yet! Consider applying at IPTS for the same field, such as Geospatial Science & Technology College in Kuala Lumpur, that has the same accreditation and prestige from other public institution.



This college is your best shot because the course focuses only on the geomatical field as well as provides experienced expert practitioners as lecturers. To those who are interested to pursue this course while working, a part-time programme at GSTC is also available. For more information regarding the entry requirements, duration of study and the likes, click on the list below to your desired programme.

Full time

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM Level 3)

GSTC also provides fully-equipped facilities such as the library, fantastic geomatic laboratories, and comfortable classrooms among other facilities within the campus.




GSTC is opening their intake in April, May and June of every year. To those interested to further their studies with GSTC and have fulfilled the entry requirements, you can click APPLY NOW. To get more information, you can contact GSTC counsellor through these WhatsApp links: or We hope this sharing session will open your heart to the field of geomatics, whereby career opportunities are abundant for graduates.

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