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Which Pre-U Course is Right For You?

Published by Afterschool.my on Mar 22, 2017, 03:16 pm

Finished SPM? Read about all the pre-university courses you can take? Still have no idea what you want to do? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Here you will find a run-down on the most popular pre-university courses, with all the vital information you need, which will hopefully ease you into a decision. Have a read and see what you like!


The United Kingdom


Country of origin: The United Kingdom

Duration: 15-24 months

Number of Subjects: 3 or 4

Coursework: 100% exam based

Grades: The body assessing your papers will give you grades from A* to E for each subject taken with a maximum score of A*A*A* for 3 subjects, and A*A*A*A* for 4 subjects.

Price: RM20,000 – RM40,000


  • Known as the Gold Standard of Pre-U programmes & recognised globally (UK, USA, Singapore, Australia & many more)
  • Over 40 subjects to choose from


  • Pricey
  • Duration longer than others
  • Not recognised in some public universities

Is it right for you?

Do A-Levels if you want a globally recognised pre-university qualification, don’t mind the cost, and prefer exam oriented courses to coursework and projects/assignments.

 Australian Matriculation (SACE/AUSMAT)



Country of origin: Australia

Duration: 10-12 months (18 if you aren’t careful)

Number of Subjects: 5


SAM: 70% coursework and 30% examination

AUSMAT: 50% coursework and 50% examination

Grades: Final results will be a single score, called the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), derived from your best four subjects, plus 50% of your weakest subject.

Price: RM21,000 – RM34,000


  • Bigger emphasis on coursework
  • Widely accepted qualification
  • Shorter Duration
  • Continuous assessment


  • Extremely high final grades required to continue on to competitive fields (like medicine)
  • Graded on a curve
  • Self-directed learning may not be for everyone

Is it right for you?

Do SAM/AUSMAT if you prefer assignments to exams, and you want a fast pre-university qualification that is globally recognised.

 Canadian Pre-U



Country of origin: Canada

Duration: 12-15 months

Number of Subjects: 6

Coursework: 70% coursework and 30% examination

Grades: Your final results will be an average percentage across all 6 subjects taken, where the maximum score will be 100%.

Price: RM13,000 to RM35,000


  • Holistic Approach
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Around 20 subject choices
  • Relatively short duration


  • Emphasis on assignments & projects may not be for everybody
  • Debates & public speaking may not be for everyone (Requirement for Canadian Pre-U)

Is it right for you?

Do the CPU if you want a fast pre-university qualification, and don’t mind public speaking as well as debates on subjects, which is part of their curriculum.




Country of origin: Malaysia

Duration: 18 months (+6 months if you intend to apply to public universities)

Number of Subjects: Maximum of 5


School-based assessment (weightage of 20 – 40% of the final score)

Centralised examination (weightage of 60 – 80% of the final score)

Grades: Each grade carries a specific Subject Grade Point (SGP), with 4.00 (Grade A) as the highest. Your overall SGP will be aggregated by taking into account your four highest SGPs

Price: Less than RM1,000


  • Affordable
  • Recognised globally
  • Option to re-sit papers to improve on grades


  • Difficult
  • Longer duration compared to most
  • Fully exam based curriculum may not be for all

Is it right for you?

Do STPM if you want a cheaper pre-university course that is recognised globally. Better chance of entry onto Public University with good grades.

 Malaysian Matriculation Programme

Malaysia Flag


Country of origin: Malaysia

Duration: 12 months (PDT) – 24 months (PST)

Number of Subjects: 3 streams (Total of 8 subjects)

Coursework: Classroom Assignments + Exams

Grades: Your GPA is determined from the grade values associated with the grades that you obtain for each subject every semester

Price: RM600


  • Cheapest option
  • Very good prospects to gain admission into public universities
  • Variety of degree courses to pick from


  • Recognised mainly by Commonwealth countries only
  • Allocation for 2 year programme only open to bumiputras
  • Less options once you finish (In terms of variety of courses you can then pursue as a degree)

Is it right for you?

Do the Malaysian Matriculation Programme if you intend to go to a public university in Malaysia to further your studies (International institutions may not recognise your pre-u) and already know what you want to study. Matriculation is also a faster route into a public university compared to STPM.




Duration: 24 – 36 months

Number of Subjects: Varies with different Diplomas

Coursework: Varies with different universities

Grades: Varies with different universities, typically involving CGPA

Price: Varies with different universities


  • Can be expensive
  • It’s one level below an undergraduate degree (NOT a pre-university course), meaning you can work after you graduate!
  • Lower minimum requirements


  • Not globally recognised (Diplomas from certain universities may not be accepted in others, locally and overseas)
  • Longer duration
  • Expensive
  • Fixed options once you graduate (Only in the field you have your Diploma in)

Is it right for you?

Do a Diploma if, you’re sure about which field you want to pursue, and know exactly which institutions you want to pursue them at.

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