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Reasons Why Malaysian Graduates Chose to Study in the UK

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 11, 2020, 10:28 am

Studying abroad is a lifelong dream for most students, Malaysians especially. And often, the top destination to pursue your degree is in the United Kingdom (UK). As of 2020, there are over 16,000 Malaysian students who are currently studying there.

But what’s the big deal about a UK degree?

Is it worth it to get a UK degree?


According to Study International (2019), the majority of international graduates from UK universities believe their degree was worth their financial investment. Over 90 percent of UK international alumni credited their post-graduation success to their British higher education.

A UK degree is worth it because that degree will be recognized and respected, no matter where you end up being employed. The education will provide you with a solid foundation and boost your potential for having a higher salary and finding exactly the job you want!

Why should you get UK degree in Malaysia?

You don’t need to go the UK to get a UK Degree because most institutions are already offering it in Malaysia!

UK degree programs in Malaysia are usually offered as twinning - a program that allows students to complete the first part of their studies in Malaysia before transferring to the twinning partner university overseas to complete the remaining duration of their degree program.

Tuition fee wise, they are usually between RM40,000 to RM60,000. In comparison, getting one straight from the UK will cost between RM100,000 to RM200,000!

Another thing to consider, is the cost of living. The cost of living in the UK is a staggering RM5,000 a month for international students – this includes necessities such as food and clothes, and entertainment. Whereas you don’t need to spend as much if you pursue your UK degree in Malaysia.

Entry requirements for international students in the UK are also tough. While it may vary for each institution, what you will find in common throughout all courses and schools is that you will need to show competency in the English language. Most degree programs in the UK will require that the student have passed either A-levels and attained certain grades, for example 4 B grades, or equivalent grades in a BTEC or GNVQ.

In Malaysia, to be qualified for a UK degree programme from any institution, you need to have the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (SPTM) with good grades. The SPTM grade requirements normally correspond to the A-level requirements of the university. If you have taken A-levels or the International Baccalaureate you will also be considered for entry onto the Bachelor degree.

Other qualifications accepted depending on the course and university you choose include the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), Polytechnic Diploma, and the Matrikulasi.

Where to get best UK degree in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, there are plenty of institutions that offers a UK degree. One of the best UK programmes, though, are from HELP University.

They offer 3+0 UK programmes for their Law courses, collaborating with the University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, University of Leeds, Cardiff University, University of Liverpool, Aberystwyth University, University of the West of England, Bristol, Northumbria University and the University of Hertfordshire.

HELP University is also partnering with the University of Derby, a 3+0 programme for Management, Business and Marketing honours degree.

Why HELP Uni is the best for UK degree?

  • It is one of the Top 10 UK Degree Programme, according to the Guardian University Guide 2019
  • Guarantees international exposure and engagement for the students
  • Provides outstanding teaching and learning, with more than 96% employment rate for their graduates
  • Ensures creative academic pathway for students which allows a smooth transition to complete degree
  • And offers an affordable academic pathway with attractive bursaries, scholarships and packages for students in Malaysia

Study with HELP University

At HELP University, you can pursue a UK Degree in the following programmes:

You can also apply for these local programmes, which can lead you to the University of Derby’s 3+0 Programme:

A UK Degree is incredibly worth it, especially with a leading private institution such as HELP University. To apply for their 3+0 UK Programmes, click HERE! You can find out more about HELP University right HERE, too.

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