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Tuition fees: the growing concern in prospective international students

Published by on Sep 26, 2018, 09:16 am

When thinking about higher education, cost is undeniably one of the main things that has to be thought about. Although tuition fees account for the majority of the cost, the extent to which it becomes a concern varies from year to year. According to’s study on student trends, tuition fees is one of the growing concerns in the minds of prospective students considering studying abroad. This trend is prominent across the borders and continents.The increasing concern over tuition fees in prospective international students is shown on the map below.

Prospective students’ growing concern over tuition fees

Northern Europeans experienced a spike in concern over tuition fees at 46%, puzzling as students from the region tend to worry less due to their relatively higher household incomes. When it comes to North America, prospective students showed an increase of 33% in concern over tuition fees compared to students who have studied abroad in the past. As for Southeast Asia, South America and Western Europe, the students experienced an increase of over around 20% - lower than that of other two regions. The growing concern over tuition fees might be generally triggered by uncertainties and hectic changes in the economies in various places around the world. As students become more and more concerned about tuition fees, the need for financial aid has duly increased reciprocally. Luckily, there is loads of options available to cover the fees. Scholarships, grants and loans are among the most popular means available to students to fund their studies either in part or full.

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