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This IUMW Graduate Unveils The Multifaceted Role of A Business Marketer

Published by Afterschool.my on May 30, 2023, 08:51 pm

Embarking on a successful career path is often shaped by the choices and the strides we take along the way.

When faced with the decision to choose between STEM-focused programmes or arts and humanities for his pre-university education, Isfaroul's unwavering passion for the business world since his early school days left no room for doubt. This led him to choose the Foundation in Arts at IUMW as his launchpad to venture into business administration, focusing on international business.

Globalisation—a term that is gaining popularity—is profoundly transforming our interconnected world. In this era where borders are becoming increasingly blurred with businesses expanding their reach beyond domestic markets, understanding international business has become paramount for many aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals.

"By immersing myself in international business, I bagged the opportunity to grasp how businesses operate on a global scale. It allows me to comprehend international policies, marketing strategies, and consumer behaviour of global citizens to drive demand and supply," explains Isfaroul.

Fast forward to the present day, Isfaroul has successfully secured a position in Lazada, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. With his career taking off, Isfaroul sheds light on the importance of soft skills and the exciting prospects within the marketing field.

A Strong Foundation for Academic Exploration and Fast Progression

Isfaroul's decision to pursue a Foundation in Arts at IUMW was influenced by the programme's comprehensive curriculum, offering a blend of theoretical and practical subjects. 

The question arises: How does a Foundation programme in Arts pave the way for learning a degree in business?

The answer lies in the one-year programme's ability to provide students with a solid foundation in various academic disciplines, equipping them for higher education. Through the Foundation in Arts, Isfaroul had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of subjects, enabling him to discover his areas of interest and strengths while simultaneously developing a versatile skill set. Courses such as Basic Business, Introduction to Communication, and Critical Thinking played a crucial role in honing his creative thinking abilities, problem-solving, and fostering effective collaboration with individuals from different backgrounds.

One of the key advantages of IUMW's Foundation in Arts programme was its seamless progression to a bachelor's degree upon completion. Isfaroul was able to effortlessly transition to a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a Specialization in International Business.

“IUMW has always been recognised for their centre of foundation studies.” he shares, adding: “This accelerated pathway not only saved time for me but also allowed me to dive deeper into my chosen field of study.”

From Being The Jack Of All Business Trades to Mastering Influencer Marketing

IUMW bridged the gap between theory and practise for Isfaroul, enabling him to apply his academic knowledge in real-world work experiences. Excelling as an intern, he secured a position as a Sales and Marketing Executive at Meranti Cemerlang Sdn Bhd. If you peek into his LinkedIn profile, you will notice the diverse responsibilities taken under his wing.

“Since it was a startup company, I found myself wearing multiple hats by taking on tasks beyond my job scope. However, I took this as an advantage to diversify my skills in various business areas, such as e-commerce operations, copywriting, influencer management, and social media marketing. I also build rapport among clients and expose myself to liaising with external stakeholders.”

Despite the challenges that came with balancing multiple tasks, including working outside regular office hours and on weekends to meet sales targets, the efforts proved to be worthwhile for Isfaroul. His theoretical knowledge of international business was brought to life when he had the opportunity to represent the company on an international trade mission to Singapore. Reflecting on the experience, Isfaroul enthusiastically shares, "As the sole representative, I successfully generated numerous business leads, and established connections with potential suppliers and buyers for our products. Moreover, I had the privilege to visit Singapore's leading hypermarket, Sheng Siong, and pitch our products and business model to its founder."

An unforgettable experience in is career journey thus far, sales pitching at Singapore

Isfaroul's dedication and exceptional performance also paved the way for his current position as an Affiliate Marketing Executive at Lazada. In this role, he experienced the pivotal role of micro/macro influencers in boosting sales and raising product awareness in the digital marketing era.

Isfaroul explains, “I would say influencer marketing in today’s world has been very important for businesses, especially in Malaysia. Key opinion leaders must get the word out about a certain product to the mass consumers as heeds of people look up to influencers’ daily activities. Some even replicate their way of living; therefore, their reviews of products matter to their community of followers.”

Isfaroul (second from the left) posing with his fellow Affiliate Marketing team in Lazada

It is intriguing to observe how the marketing landscape has evolved over the decades. Traditional advertisements and hard-selling taglines no longer hold the same influence over buyers, as authentic and personalised influencer content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram has taken precedence. Influencers aren’t just called influencers for no reason— they stand at the forefront of the digital marketing era. Isfaroul further emphasises the impact of influencer marketing on a business's sales. “With the existence of influencers nowadays, it is easier for businesses to make their product visible within the market through influencers to generate more sales and sustain as a business.”

Nurturing Holistic Development to Prepare for the Working World

Throughout his corporate journey, Isfaroul has come to realise the significance of nurturing soft skills during his student days. Understanding the value of holistic personal development, he actively engaged in extracurricular activities and student organisations during his tenure at IUMW.

Extracurricular activities offer students opportunities to hone their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Isfaroul's involvement in IUMW's business associations provided him with practical experience in organising events and Ted Talks and collaborating with peers. These experiences helped him develop crucial skills such as event management, networking, and public speaking. Additionally, Isfaroul's participation in sports, and representing the university in various tournaments, further enhanced his teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

Isfaroul with members of the Liga Futsal IPT club

Looking towards the future, Isfaroul aspires to ascend the corporate ladder and secure a managerial position in the Marketing department within the next five years. His journey at IUMW, complemented by his work experiences, has equipped him with the knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to pursue his career goals.

For those embarking on their higher education journey post-SPM, IUMW proves to be an institution that offers an excellent head start. Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that provides seamless accessibility, students will experience a vibrant campus life, crucial for personal growth. 

How else does the IUMW stand out? The birth of the university is actually from a collaboration of 2 prestigious universities, the Universiti Malaya (UM) and the University of Wales, UK. With a dedicated faculty of supportive lecturers committed to nurturing students' intellectual curiosity, aspiring students are bound to receive a transformative educational experience, where they can excel in any field of their choice.

If you’re interested in enrolling in IUMW’s foundation programmes, get in touch with our education counsellors to help you figure out which programme aligns with your career goals! Not only that, but we also offer free application services to help you ease your enrolment process. Click on the banner below:

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