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This Is The Cost Of A Dual Degree Programme

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 26, 2023, 04:08 pm

We all know that the value of a UK degree is unquestionable, and it would be a dream come true for any student to attain one. On the other hand, not everyone gets the opportunity to fly overseas and fulfill their studies there. Health issues, family matters, financial constraints and application rejections are some of the reasons why students are unable to pursue their degree overseas. 

Don’t fret just yet. You can still still earn a degree from the UK while saving a significant amount of money for your education, where you don’t even have to travel all the way to the UK. 

You might be a little confused right now; get a UK degree, but from Malaysia??? Yes, yes you can. The ‘dual degree programme’ otherwise also known as the ‘dual award programme’ or ‘twinning programme’, is a programme where partnership is formed between UK universities and local private universities in Malaysia. When you enroll into a dual degree programme, you get to graduate with 2 degree certificates: 1 from the recognized UK university, 1 from the local partner university. The syllabus and standards of the programme will also follow the UK university, so you will experience a British quality education right here in your home country. 

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Getting a dual degree programme will save you more than 3 times the cost of you having to pursue your degree in the UK. Continue reading to find out the cost breakdown of pursuing a full dual degree programme right here in Malaysia. 

Tuition fees 

Comparatively, the cost of a dual degree is a quarter the price of the total tuition fee in the UK. Let’s take an example from APU, on their dual award programme partnered with De Monfort University, UK. The cost of a dual award programme is RM94,300, whereas the price of a standard degree in the UK of similar programme would be around RM336,000

Since Malaysia and the UK have very different exchange rates, it is to be anticipated that the high cost will make a UK degree prohibitively expensive for Malaysian students who wish to continue their education there.

If you take a single award programme in APU, the difference is just around RM6,100. For an additional RM6,100, you get to graduate with a UK certificate, which will become a huge advantage for your CV and your future career. 

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Cost of Living

Since you’re not flying overseas, the cost of living will be based on your life as a student in Malaysia. 


Depending on the sort of housing and location, lodging costs change. The monthly expense for a shared apartment or hostel room can range from RM200 to RM400. Some universities provide free accommodation, or offer a fraction of the cost due to curriculum or academia participation etc. For budgeting calculation purposes, we can look at the average cost, which brings us to a total of RM300 per month.


The cost of food depends on personal preferences and dietary requirements, but an average estimate for a student's monthly food expenses is around RM600 per month. This estimate may increase or decrease depending on the cost of living in the area and the specific dining options available. It's worth noting that students who prepare their own meals at home can significantly reduce their food expenses, so try to save up if possible (but also don’t sacrifice all your nutritional needs for the sake of saving money!)


Transportation costs can vary depending on the mode of transportation and location.

1. Public transportation

If your main mode of transportation to your university or anywhere is by bus or train, you can apply for MyRapid’s My100 pass to save up money. This pass gives you an unlimited travel pass for a month for only RM100. 

2. Ride-sharing services

In cases where riding a public transport isn’t convenient and you’re taking ride-sharing services (such as Grab or MyCar) on an occasional basis, you can expect to pay around RM200 per month. It’s best to carpool with friends, which will save you alot more cost for a one-trip ride. 

3. Car or motorbike

On average, students can expect to pay RM400 per month for a vehicle which includes fuel, toll and maintenance. 

Depending on your mode of transportation, you can expect that an average Malaysian student studying in private universities for dual-degree programmes will spend about RM400 for transportation costs. 

Personal expenses

Personal expenses such as clothing, entertainment, and personal care items can add up to approximately RM200 per month.

With the calculations above, you can expect your cost of living as a private university student to be around RM1,500. Note that the budget can vary depending on where you study and your lifestyle, so it can be significantly lower or higher. 

Total cost

To conclude, you can expect that the overall cost of studying a dual degree programme in Malaysia to be roughly around RM148,300 in total. 

Compared to studying fully in the UK, you will save RM415,570. This means you can save up to more than 3X the cost of studying a degree fully in the UK, if you decided to just continue your studies here in Malaysia.

Studying fully in Malaysia is surely affordable, but what if you still want a little bit of that UK experience?

Here's another option if you want to experience studying in both Malaysia and the UK.

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