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The Pre-U Programme with Top Study Mode and Fastest Route

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 22, 2020, 10:40 am

When it comes to choosing your study route, a lot of factors go into it. The kind of programme you want to pursue, the potential pathway upon graduation, and perhaps even the location of the campus.

One important factor that you can’t overlook is definitely the mode of study and the duration of the programme. For instance, if you’re looking for an accelerated programme to a degree, then you should consider pre-university programmes! But which pre-u programme has the best study mode and shortest route?


What are the benefits of choosing A-levels?

Mode of study

A student pursuing A-levels as a pre-university path will be introduced to an exam-based mode of study. An exam based experience motivates students to work harder to see results. It also instills a healthy competition that pushes the limit of a student to do their ultimate best. Exam based is the based concept to measure and grade their progress from one test to another.

Shortcut to degree

The quickest option to a degree is choosing A-levels. The programme is between 15 to 24 months.

Variety choice of subjects

A study in A-levels provides you with a vast option of subjects for students to specialize in depending on their chosen field. In order to choose the best subject combination for your A-levels, you need to choose subjects that are relevant to your undergraduate course so that you’ll be equipped with strong foundational knowledge in topics related to your degree programme.


Recommended Subjects

Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Nutrition

Essential: Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

Recommended: Physics

psychological & behavioral sciences

Essential: Mathematics

Recommended: Biology

history & modern languages

Essential: None

Recommended: Foreign Language and History

Computer Science

Essential: Mathematics

Recommended: Physics, Further Mathematics, Computing


Essential: Mathematics & Physics

Recommended: Chemistry, Further Mathematics


Essential: None

Recommended: Mathematics, Economics, English Literature and other essay – based subjects

Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy

Essential: Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics

Recommended: Physics

Keeps your option open

There are high possibilities for a student to move from one course to another because of the diverse options available. A-levels will help students to make that transition promptly as it allows students to keep their options open and is very flexible!

Accepted Worldwide

And the best part is that A-levels are accepted worldwide, in top universities in the UK to US, Canada, Australia and Ireland.This means you have the opportunity to apply to universities and degrees globally, widening your knowledge resources and putting you on a fast track to success.

Study A-levels with Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM)

KYUEM Excellent Academic Achievements

KYUEM is the best place for you to proceed with A-levels based on the institution’s excellent academic achievements.  Recently, two students from KYUEM were accepted into the prestigious Harvard College.

If you are ambitious enough, KYUEM could be the best choice to lead you down the path of success with the A-levels program.

KYUEM is also one of the selected colleges in Malaysia that is granted the Cambridge International Fellowship status, giving them preferential access to their varied support systems. The College specialises in the Cambridge International A-Level examinations with a focus on the main A-Level subjects.

The A-Level programmes at KYUEM allow the flexibility for students to pursue an increasing range of less conventional courses alongside traditional ones.  

Tranquil and Focused Learning Environment

The environment at KYUEM is very tranquil and focused learning. KYUEM has a massive range of facilities that include a sports hall and outdoor courts for gym, squash, badminton, ping-pong, tennis, volleyball, netball, and basketball. They have a football / rugby pitch and an Olympic – sized swimming pool. Among facilities and amenities available to students are a television rooms, cyber lounge, sick bay, music room and Surau (approved Friday prayers by JAIS).

All KYUEM students also have their own bedroom accommodation in comfortable 4-bedroomed villas, 2-bed chalets and an apartment block which give the campus a distinctive ‘resort-style’ atmosphere and a choice of dining hall or cafeteria at which to eat.

Qualified, Experience and Dedicated Teachers

The teachers at KYUEM are the beating heart of the institution. Equipped with highly qualified experience and dedicated teachers in the Cambridge (CAIE) A Levels programme, KYUEM is assisted by an administrative team of the highest calibre, ensuring the smooth running of the college.

A Wealth of Extracurricular Activities

KYUEM is not just academic oriented. As part of KYUEM, students are also encouraged to balance excellent academic performance with extracurricular activities. Which is why KYUEM has an eclectic and vibrant extra-curricular programme involving full use of all the aforementioned sporting facilities.

KYUEM also endorses the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for Young People and a variety of cultural and artistic outlets that lead to multicultural participation in numerous events and performances.

Click here to learn more about KYUEM's A-levels programme

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