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The Best in You Made Possible Through Undergraduate Programmes in Business & Accounting

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 15, 2017, 01:09 am

When preparing for your future, it’s necessary to explore your strengths so as to get a leg-up in the industry. But what skills are really important?

Life as a secondary school student may seem a little stuck when it evolves around allowances and examinations. Be it good meals, movie tickets, piano classes or hanging out with friends, you might often find yourself running out of money before the month ends. Furthermore, budgeting may not be something you enjoy especially if you have a tendency to overspend.

Money slicing

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Once you get into a university, you will find that things are not all that different when it comes to budgeting and keeping track of your finances. There will, after all, be so much to explore like the latest cafes and new gadgets and your mind will be opened to experiences such as adventurous road trips. Then comes working adult life, where you will discover that life mainly revolves around balancing the books! Things that you will have to handle include rent, internet and phone bills, food expenses, holidays, giving your parents money, weekend parties and not to mention savings as well as investments.

Therefore, you need to have a strong skillset and mindset to make money and manage it. The best part about undergraduate programmes in Business & Accounting is that it equips you with such versatile skills that you can excel in any industry. The coursework provides you with practical skills required in the real world. It also enhances your talents that are necessary not only in the job market or in growing your own business, but also in your day-to-day life.


team work

Many of you might think that being good at numbers is the only requirement to become an Accountant or a Business Professional. However, you not only have to understand complex data but you also have to put it across to others. As a business professional, you have to communicate business proposals, work with your team to come up with ideas, present solutions, and formulate rules just to name a few. In short, the numbers need to be translated and expressed in words.

In school, while most students shy away from presenting their views on a topic, that one confident student who always spoke up, got the opportunity to shine and eventually edged the others in class during the exam.


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The same goes for work life. The best communicator walks away with the deal. The undergraduate programmes in Business & Accounting ensure that you are able to break out of your shell and express yourself and your views confidently in public. As you enhance your communication and interpersonal skills through presentations, group activities and workshops, you will realise that confidence goes a long way in your professional life.


mystery box

How often do you feel awestruck by a new sci-fi movie or admire the innovation of a new gadget which takes over the market and has the social media in a frenzy? Did you ever wonder about how these entrepreneurs come up with such amazing ideas for start-ups?

Well, the more you question, the better you learn. Every creative idea, innovation or discovery is the product of a curious mind. It was Steve Job’s curiosity for typefaces that led to his sense of design and it is this design that differentiated Apple from other products in the market.

The undergraduate programmes in Business & Accounting inculcate in you an inquisitive nature. It helps you learn how to explore, observe and ask questions which in turn leads to innovation. Out-of-the-box thinking is a must-have skill and undergraduate programmes in Business & Accounting is certainly of great help to nurture the best in you.

Time Management

time management

Do you remember the one friend who missed the school bus at least twice a week? Or have you thought about why you are always rushing to complete your homework before school the next morning?

The reason is simple but often ignored. Unintentionally or habitually, we delay in doing tasks until it becomes an urgency. The importance of time management in school life may be ignored, but these little stresses caused by your habit of procrastinating tasks often turns into a big ugly monster as you enter university life, finally bursting when you’re in the working world.

As you juggle with workshops, presentations and exams, undergraduate programmes in Business & Accounting ensure that time management becomes an integral part of your daily life. You learn to prioritise your tasks as you have to stick to the deadlines for each one of them. The skill of time management, thus developed, becomes the reason for success in both your academic and professional life.

Planning Your Future


As young souls, planning for the future brings so much excitement and fun. When you complete your schooling, you plan your way up to higher education. You spend time researching about the right universities, subjects and your career choice. Then, as working adults, people plan for the education of their children, for a holiday home, for investments and many, many other things. In short, as an adult, you plan for a secure financial future.

In the same way, building a vision for the future is a crucial part of every business. Be it a Marketer, Economist, Business Development Manager or an Accountant, they all work towards expanding the business of the organisation. To do that, they need to plan and set a timeline for their goals.


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As a student of undergraduate programmes in Business & Accounting, you'll learn to evaluate and plan for the future. When you have a plan in hand, it means you are certain of what the future holds for you. It also means you have a clear goal and a timeline to achieve it. Hence, it enhances your ability to make decisions that you might otherwise find difficult, setting you up for a highly successful life.

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The programmes at the Faculty of Business and Accounting at SEGi University aims to bring out the best in you for a successful life ahead. Every quality imbibed during this journey will be a boon for you, both in your personal and professional life. Click here to learn more about securing your future.

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