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Six Engineering Courses You Should Know

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 21, 2015, 09:00 am

Malaysia is developing fast and engineers are highly in demand in various fields. If you are undecided about choosing a career in Engineering, you would first need more information before making your decision.


Deciding upon the right engineering stream? With so many choices to choose from, deciding upon the right branch for you can be overwhelming.

Remember that every discipline has a number of specialised field and focus which students can choose from. Here are six fields of engineering to know before you decide.

1. Civil Engineering

Post IUKL Civil Engineer

This is one the oldest fields of engineering that has contributed immensely to our modern living. Students will be equipped with a solid grounding in the design, construction and management of civil engineering works and the technical knowledge, communication skills and ability to operate as a civil engineer.

2. Mechanical Engineering

Post IUKL Mechanical Engineering

Designed to cater for the demand for human capital, this programme provides students the essential knowledge of mechanical engineering such as design studies, system analysis, thermodynamics, principles of fluid mechanics, engineering materials and manufacturing technology. Graduates will be capable of performing engineering tasks in the manufacturing or production sectors, power generation, oil and gas sectors, transportation (train, naval, aircraft) and the building construction industry.

3. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Post IUKL Engineering 2

With increased production and demand by the public as well as the business sector for communication equipment, computers and military electronics, there is a phenomenal need for personnel in this field. You will be involved in the production and distribution of power, such as lighting, heating and ventilation for buildings. You will also be involved in advances of medical technology, e-commerce, mobile telephones, wireless communications, renewable energy, internet and the efficiency and safety of transportation system.

4. Automotive Engineering

Post IUKL Automotive Engineering 3

If you like the idea of creating new technologies in transportation or working on vehicle components making it more efficient and faster, this field is suitable for you. This is a specialized branch of Mechanical Engineering covering the areas of automotive engines, transmission, suspension, braking systems, electrical and electronics, comfort and safety, automotive workshop technology and management.

5. Construction Management

Post IUKL Construction Engineering

This covers the science and art of procuring and directing human and physical resources for the successful and prudent realisation of a construction project, ensuring that the enterprise meets the needs of the client, the requirements of the budget, and the quality of the specification. IUKL’s close links with the construction industry ensures that what you have learned is relevant to your future career.

 6. Water and Wastewater Technology

Post IUKL Wastewater Engineering

This unique programme is only offered at IUKL. It was designed in response to a critical local need for qualified professionals in this field. This programme provides students with the knowledge and foundation in the field of water and wastewater infrastructure by promoting a sound understanding of the field. The programme is a sophisticated combination of civil engineering and wastewater engineering to meet the ever growing demand in the water treatment sector.

If you have a keen interest in Mathematics and Science subjects, Engineering is the field of study you should consider after SPM or STPM.

Being one of the most renowned universities for Engineering education in Malaysia, Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), through its Faculty of Engineering and Technology Infrastructure (FETI), offers a full range of engineering programmes. These programmes are divided into two major categories – Engineering and Technology.

For more information, call 1-800-88-STUDY (78839) or visit their website.


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