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Must Know Matriculation Guide

Published by Afterschool.my on May 09, 2017, 05:55 pm

Have you successfully secured a place in the Matriculation programme? If you have, of course, you must have so many questions and probably even more worries about the whole thing. We assume, of course, that the biggest of those worries would either be, the structure of the matriculation program one year / two years, the method used for calculating your, or the topics that will be taught.

The Matriculation Programme Handbook

Couple all that with minor niggles such as concerns related to modules, packages, how to register for courses, withdrawing from matriculation program, what you’re supposed to wear, and one might just go crazy. There are probably a hundred or two more questions all running around in your head, so fast in fact, they would give Usain Bolt a scare. But, fret not! This is because all these questions (including all the ones in your head) have been answered in detail, written down in the Matriculation Programme Handbook.

- Image via Ministry of Education

Matriculation handbook for the one-year programme

Now of course, this is last year’s edition, and we will update you when the new one does come out. But for now, this is the next best thing, as only the year is different, with just about everything else in the book exactly the same. So make sure you give this a good read, and pass it on to your friends.

- Image via Ministry of Education

Matriculation handbook for the two-year programme

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