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Malaysia’s Most In-Demand Jobs After COVID-19

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 17, 2020, 12:56 pm

In less than four months, COVID-19 has changed the global economy forever. Just as mankind has survived wars, natural disasters and economic crises, things will eventually get better again, and people will soon forget them as normality resumes.

However, there will be some changes in society due to our current crisis that will continue to linger even when the health and economic COVID-19 pandemic is over in hopefully a couple of years. While many industries were hit hard by COVID-19, here are Malaysia’s most in-demand jobs after COVID-19.


Potential job of logistics and ground handling in aviation during COVID-19

Among the most in demand industries to look out for is definitely aviation. But aviation is so big, right? Well, these two fields in particular means that the gradual shift to reclaiming back the economy will result in most organizations related to aviation looking to hire!

Unlike commercial air travel, aviation logistics and ground handling are necessary to sustain the economy without endangering lives in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, as reported by global airlines in the last decade (Typical North American, 2019), cargo produced three times first class revenues and very close to business class revenues – confirming the fact that international flights were not profitable without the cargo contribution!

So what are the two fields we’re talking about?


Aviation logistics refers to the ability to efficiently move either cargo over large distances by air. Therefore, in aviation, logistics workers direct the acquisition, distribution, and delivery functions of an organization. Basically, you observe logistics in action any time you purchase a product.

Ground handling, meanwhile, is the wide range of services provided to facilitate an aircraft flight or aircraft ground repositioning, preparation for and upon conclusion of a flight which will include both customer service and ramp service functions. Ground handling includes the staff that handle your tickets, your check-ins, your baggage alongside other operations!


So, what is the job scope and salary rate?

For logistics, the field of aviation logistics is so large that almost any business organization may be viewed as a potential employer for a logistics graduate. For instance, those firms specializing in the movement of goods and people by air, and the large numbers of companies that support them, represent the area of aviation logistics.

Some examples of aviation logistics jobs are:

Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller directs traffic in the air and on the ground. They alert pilots of obstructions that might be in their path, such as other aircraft and bad weather. The air traffic controller may sometimes have to reroute airborne aircraft when adverse weather conditions are present. In addition, they also assist aircraft with landing and take-off instructions!

Here in Malaysia, air traffic controllers typically make between RM3,000 to RM5,000 a month, with an average of RM50,000 per annum.

Logistics Manager

A logistics manager is typically a middle manager in charge of discrete teams or regions within a larger logistics operation of a business, and they typically have supervisory duties, make employment decisions, and create and work within approved budgets. They will typically oversee a large group of employees and receive reports from various team leaders involved in warehouse, loading, and shipping operations.

Over here, the logistics manager can make around RM70,000 annually with experience!

Flight Operations Officer

Flight operations officers are responsible for and control the day to day running of an airlines control centre. They ensure that delays are minimised by ensuring that the right aircraft is at the right place, at the right time and the right crew is present! Their task includes monitoring aircrafts, arrange the maintenance and repairs to aircraft, and draw up rosters and schedules to ensure the right number of crew members are on board the flight.

In Malaysia, you can make around RM30,000 per annum as a flight operations officer.

For ground handling, a lot of the job prospects revolve around customer service and ramp service functions. For instance:

Ramp Agents

Ramp Agents, also known as baggage handlers or fleet service agents, are employed at airports and work within a larger team of airport ramp agents. They provide under-wing services to aircraft, act as marshals, set up and operate baggage and cargo management equipment, and adhere to strict occupational safety regulations.

A ramp agent in Malaysia usually makes an average of RM3,000 a month. Salaries range from 1,550 MYR (lowest) to 4,670 MYR (highest)!

Customer Service Agents

A customer service agent is the first point of contact for a passenger in an airport or over the phone. At a front counter, an airline customer service agent assists passengers with check-in, issues tickets, provides flight information, checks baggage, and solves ticket-related travel problems. At the gate, airline customer service agents check boarding passes, upgrade seats and reissue tickets when a flight is overbooked.

An airline customer service agent typically gets paid around RM30,000 per annum in Malaysia.


What are the top skills and abilities needed?

The skills you really need to excel in both fields are aplenty! But these three are especially important:

Communication skills

Excellent communication skills are a must for those looking towards a career in the sector! Your job will require handling complex situations which means you need to learn how to communicate effectively and smoothly. Good written communication skills are also needed, as you may need to write business emails, memos, and create presentations.


Analysing and evaluating skills

Analytical skills are important because it allows you to find solutions to common problems and make decisions about what actions to take next! You will have to break down the steps in a process and make independent evaluations, as well as identify patterns, facts, and details and allows you to make a thoughtful decision or find a solution to a tricky problem.


Teamwork skills

Like many other industries, you will be working in groups. Your ability to work in teams and groups will play a big factor to the success of any project or task. Teamwork helps solve problems as you will constantly bring fresh and new perspective to a particular issue!


Qualifications needed to work in these fields

For aviation logistics, a Diploma in Aviation Business provides the students with strong, good to know information about corporate direction and leadership skills that will be welcomed on any level in any aviation industry. Upon completion of this diploma, students can work as cabin crew airline marketing, airline ticketing and aviation finance among many others.

You just need 3 Credit in any subject with a pass in BM, English, Mathematics, Science/Technical subject.

For ground handling, meanwhile, a Diploma Technology in Grounds Operations Services requires a minimum of 3 credits in the following subjects – BM, English, Mathematics and Science/Technical subjects. The Diploma Technology in Grounds Operations Services is your to-go course to develop into skilful workers in ground operations sector throughout the airport worldwide.

Where can you study?

Luckily for you, there are tons of great schools to learn aviation. But if you’re looking for the absolute best, then ADMAL Aviation College is your answer!

ADMAL Aviation College has a proud history of more than a decade being a key player in the general aviation scene in Malaysia and South East Asia! ADMAL is the only aviation college which has its own hangar facility of live operational aircrafts so that students can gain the best experience and knowledge.

In fact, their dedication to providing only the best for the industry has guaranteed ADMAL a training agreement with the biggest ground operations company in Malaysia which is Pos Aviation Sdn. Bhd. Thanks to this golden opportunity, students who completed their training with Pos Aviation have a huge chance to obtain a job with the company, ranging from customer service, safety and security, and ramp service operations. Now who doesn’t like the sound of that, right?

Find out just how amazing this collaboration with Pos Aviation means for graduates with this video:

Check out ADMAL’s top courses in aviation logistics and ground handling - Diploma in Aviation Business and Diploma Technology in Grounds Operations Services.

What else are you waiting for? Apply to ADMAL Aviation College today!

For more information about ADMAL, do visit https://admal.edu.my/

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