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Land the Highest-Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2021 with a Computer Science Course

Published by Afterschool.my on May 28, 2021, 12:44 pm

Are graduates of a computer science course paid well? Obviously! With almost every organisation working to penetrate the digital marketplace, the demand for IT specialists is higher than ever. Additionally, you'll find that Malaysia lacks computer science experts. Most companies demand individuals with specialised knowledge and work experience, making computer science a great field to dive into.

We've done our research and here are the highest paying computer science jobs in Malaysia. We've included the average annual salary one would get and the job descriptions. This is how much you'll earn if you have a degree from a computer science course.

Top 10 computer science jobs

1. Programmer analyst

National average salary: RM72,000 per year

Primary duties: Programmers create new computer systems and applications, as well as fix and upgrade existing ones. Depending on the organisation, programmer analysts will work with industry-specific computer systems and customise them to meet the needs of the business. They will also work with project managers to ensure that deadlines are met and conduct a cost analysis to assist management in determining the system's financial viability.

2. E-commerce business analyst

National average salary: RM102,000 per year

Primary duties: E-commerce business analysts are in charge of analysing a company's online retail sales data. They create online sales reports, analyse consumer buying patterns, and track developments in the online retail industry. They can also present this data to advertising managers and collaborate with developers to customise online transaction processes. E-commerce analysts may also track a company's search engine ranking, web analytics, advertisement campaign performance, and branding through a website in addition to sales.

3. Business continuity analyst

National average salary: RM61,000 per year

Primary duties: Business continuity analysts are in charge of ensuring that companies restore data and resume normal operations after a crisis or disruptive incident. In addition, these experts conduct analysis and develop recovery plans based on future damages and risks. Business continuity analysts also train staff inside organisations to carry out contingency measures in the case of a disaster scenarios or major failures.

4. Systems analyst

National average salary: RM114,000 per year

Primary duties: Systems analysts keep a company's or organisation's computer system up to date. They must examine the existing software and hardware and suggest or plan new programmes that best suit the company's needs. In most situations, the systems analyst may also conduct a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that any potential change is fiscally responsible.

5. Database developer

National average salary: RM61,200 per year

Primary duties: Also known as database programmers or database designers, these professionals create and manage computer systems that organise files and information in a user-friendly and manageable manner. It is their duty to ensure a company's database runs smoothly and to troubleshoot and resolve any problems that might arise. They also manage user permissions, data security, and backups.

6. Software developer

National average salary: RM120,000 per year

Primary duties: Software developers collaborate with computer programmers, software engineers, graphic designers and other IT professionals to build, develop, and manufacture new computer applications. After analysing consumer needs and designing programmes to satisfy those needs, they implement new technologies and designs. Other duties include ensuring services function correctly and to correcting any error.

7. UX designer

National average salary: RM50,000 per year

Primary duties: User-experience (UX) designers build the look and feel of a computer interface. They then ensure the software products are usable and easy to use. UX programmers usually work in groups, applying their knowledge to websites or computer applications.

8. .NET developer

National average salary: RM66,000 per year

Primary duties: .NET developers create web applications for business systems. They use various programming languages to develop and test software and applications. They also assist in the integration of these technologies into existing business processes. They also build and manage coding documentation, programme maintenance logs, and project status reports.

9. Java developer

National average salary: RM50,400 per year

Primary duties: Java developers, also known as "Java applications developers," are in charge of developing and implementing Java applications. They ensure that a website authenticates user data correctly and recognises the need to upgrade Java-based applications. Java developers also create design documents, engage in programme testing, and change the design of a website using the Java programming language. They may also be asked to investigate and resolve technical issues, as well as act as an advisor to IT staff members.

10. Data scientist

National average salary: RM59,000 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists analyse, interpret, and synthesise vast volumes of raw data to produce more precise results. They would use a variety of computer programming languages to transform data and build algorithms to solve problems. They may be in charge of analysing data sets to address real-world issues faced by companies and organisations, such as how to enforce new company healthcare strategies or produce a product more cost-effectively.

Does any of the above jobs catch your eye? Are you currently searching for a university that can help you to pursue your interest in computer science? Look no further as Monash University Malaysia is one of the top institutions offering a computer science course. 

At Monash University Malaysia, the programme focuses on algorithms, software development and the underlying theory of computation. In addition, you'll study computational approaches in science and engineering and information-processing applications in industry and commerce. So, if you want to be where the action is, this is the course for you!

The duration for this course is three years of full-time study with intakes three times each year, so you can either start in February, July or October.

To get more information about the Computer Science Course at Monash University Malaysia, CLICK HERE.

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