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Jobs in business admin, marketing, media and engineering to be most in demand

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 12, 2013, 02:22 pm

  • In exchange for faster returns, graduates prefer to pursue careers unrelated to their qualification

Medicine and law is starting to lose its glamour as more graduates prefer to take on jobs that offer immediate gratification.

According to MyStarJobs website, employers nationwide are now seeking talents in engineering, property and construction and administration.

Similarly, Kelly Services, a recruitment agency, found out that most employers are most likely to pay to relocate their talents in technical and revenue-generating positions, such as information technology (IT), engineering, banking and finance and sales and marketing. A salary guide by the firm showed an increase in the number of hot jobs in the technical field, with high demand in the IT sector followed by engineering, finance and marketing.

In IT, consultants in systems applications and products (SAP), business intelligence, pre-sales engineers, and Java developers continue to be in demand.  In Engineering, talents such as mechanical engineers, process engineers, civil engineers, and health, safety and environment managers are much sought after.

The Banking and Finance sector, which is expected to have 274,000 available jobs by 2020 in line with the Economic Transformation Programme, would see a demand for finance managers, senior accountants, auditors, and credit control managers over the coming years.Talents are also being sought for people in business development, marketing, and public relations.

The survey shows that jobs in administration require a minimum of SPM qualification in turn providing a wage of RM1,800 while the professional sector pay a minimum of RM3,000 to those with a degree.

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