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IELTS Preparation Courses at the British Council Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 24, 2017, 07:59 am

IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is an English proficiency test recognised worldwide. As such, those who do sit for it have numerous advantages, whether it be for university/college admissions, or job opportunities. With that in mind, the British Council Malaysia has created three very specific IELTS preparatory courses in Malaysia to cater to different crowds. Below, we break-down each one and help you decide which one is meant for you.

  • SMART IELTS Intensive

The SMART English Programme caters to those who need a boost in their mastery of the English language before exam day. Many students who are about to sit for IELTS in Malaysia shy away from admitting that their English is not up to scratch, but with the SMART English programme created by the British Council Malaysia, that no longer need to be the case. You’ll be given a test upon registration, which will measure which level is suitable for you, ranging from one to six. After that, you’ll be coached and given a study plan accordingly, to track your progress throughout, leading to the big day.

  • Part-Time IELTS Preparation

Meant for those working adults who strive to gain the upper hand in climbing the corporate ladder, the IELTS part-time course gives these individuals the best possible preparation, with the limited time they have. An expert teacher whose knowledge of IELTS is unparalleled, proper feedback on your completed practice activities that identify your weaknesses, and much more. Scoring well in IELTS, after all, can help a worker get that promotion that much quicker, or even snag a new job that much easier, essentially a win-win situation whichever way you look at it.

  • Last-Minute Exam Practice

Yes, the British Council Malaysia has even kept the most populated community in Malaysia in mind when sculpting their IELTS programmes- the last-minuters. Lasting only one week, this highly condensed IELTS prep course is composed of 10 hours, filled with the most crucial of strategies and practice tasks involving the core components of the IELTS exam; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The combination of the vast experience of the coaches that will be guiding you with the materials that will be at your disposal- real past year questions and online tools- is a sure-fire recipe for success. So even if you haven’t prepared like Bob over there, you still very much have a shot at scoring more than you ever thought possible. 

With three well-rounded yet wholly different IELTS preparatory programmes, the British Council Malaysia is the go-to place for all things English. The British Council Malaysia have three branches in Malaysia, that is the British Council Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, The British Council Malaysia Penang and the British Council Malaysia Mutiara Damansara. To find out more about the three courses above, as well as how to register for IELTS in Malaysia, please click here for British Council.

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