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4 Really, Really Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Nursing

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 29, 2020, 05:11 pm

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” Val Saintsbury

Let’s talk about nurses. 

We, as a community, need nurses as our medical frontliners. Nurses are a critical part of healthcare and make up the largest section of the health profession. They are so important that there is a huge demand for nurses now that the population becomes bigger, older and sicker. And with COVID-19 knocking down our doorstep, we simply cannot live without nurses.



4 Really, Really Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Nursing


#1 It's a noble profession!

Alongside teachers and police officers, nurses are one of the most respected careers out there without a doubt. Who else spends their blood, sweat and tears to treat sickly patients on a daily basis?

#2 Not a boring day at all

If you've seen Grey's Anatomy, you know the life of a healthcare professional is a hectic one. This is so true for nurses, who typically handle over ten patients in a single day! Nurses are often on their feet tending to patients and working with healthcare teams every day.

#3 It challenges your mind

No one said being a nurse is easy - in fact, it's probably of the toughest jobs out there thanks to its physical and mental demand. But no two days are the same. As a nurse, you’ll face constant new problems and challenges. As medical science moves on, so does medical practice. 

#4 Work anywhere you want 

But the work life of a nurse isn’t limited to just the hospital. In fact, isn’t it limited to just one country either. Yep, you can actually work abroad as a nurse!

Working overseas as a nurse means exposing you to a once in a lifetime experience as well as higher wages (depending on the country, of course). But where do you even begin to start an overseas career as a Malaysian nurse?


Work Opportunities Abroad 

Home care in Singapore

 In Singapore, there is a genuine demand for nurses to look after their elderly.

Instead of nursing homes, Singaporeans now prefer their elderly to stay at home, where they are familiar and can be comfortable. As a home care nurse, you can enter Singapore with the same work pass as a maid and live in with the patients that you’re responsible for.

On average, home care nurses typically make about SGD800-SGD1200 a month, which translates to RM2000-RM3000.



Hospitals in Australia

Australia is also looking for nurses to hire, especially foreign ones.

To be a nurse in Australia, you need to be the best of the best. Australia’s high standards in their nurses means you will need to register with the NMBA, then with ANMAC, complete training with AHPRA, pass ANMAC skills assessment, obtain placement in an institution, and then only finally migrate.

But the pay will be worth it! Nurses in Australia typically make around AUD 75,000 per annum aka RM200,000.

Hospitals in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is another popular spot for Malaysian nurses.

Malaysian nurses are in high demand over there thanks to our familiarity with the English language. In fact, nurses from Malaysia get drafted into 1st Grade, which has a salary of RM14,00 per month. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been the choice for our Malaysian nurses due to the tax-free salaries status and other perks, enabling them to earn double and even triple the salaries offered by local counterparts.

Hospitals in United States and Europe

There is an extreme shortage of nurses in the United States, which means more job opportunities for us.

The situation is so bad, the USA is expecting the total number of nursing vacancies to be more than a million by 2022. This also mirrors the situation in Europe as well whereby nurses are immensely lacking in number.

Working in the United States and Europe as a nurse nets you a good pay, and a high standard of living. A nurse in United States and Europe usually make $60,000 (or RM200,000)!



The Best University to Study Nursing

It’s no new fact that not everyone can pass the application process of a government sector, including nursing. But that shouldn’t stop you from applying to other alternatives, such as private universities.

Think about it! The work opportunities are still the same and you may even have a chance to obtain a higher salary, just as long as the course is recognized by the Malaysian Nursing Board and MQA (which you can refer here).

And what better place to study nursing if not Nilai University! At Nilai University, you can continue your bachelor’s degree in the UK and Australia. But if you’re not keen on pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a diploma would do! A diploma in Nursing is also a great pathway for you if you wish to work overseas.



Intrigued? You can apply to Nilai University’s July (for Nursing) and September (for other courses) intake right HERE to find out more about their entry requirements and other courses! 


As Future Fresh Grads...

...it’s important you pursue your studies in courses with high demand, especially in the healthcare industry. Choosing the right course means more work opportunities, not only in Malaysia but overseas as well!

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