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Becoming a Qualified Dentist Without Breaking the Bank

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 17, 2020, 02:06 pm

The desire to be trained as a dentist is a generally well thought off and analysed decision by the aspiring dentist. The five long years of study compared to three years for other programmes and the comparatively higher programme fee is an important decision making factor. Nevertheless, the lure of dentistry and the desire to serve humankind would make one pursue a career in dentistry.

Dentistry has  always been a popular career choice due to its high employability rate. The role of the dentist is vital as early detection may prevent many dental problems from causing a diminished quality of life and potential medical complications. In addition, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that the average dentist to patient ratio in industrialised countries is 1:2,000. Currently in Malaysia, there are 11,059 dentists - making a ratio of one dentist for every 2,963 people.

The dental programme cost differs from country to country, in Canada it would cost about CAD $22,000 to $56,000 while in USA it ranges from $ 160,000 to $ 300,000. Meanwhile in Malaysia, undergraduate dentistry programmes total fee ranges between RM295,000 to RM600,000. Dentistry is a critical programme with high demand but it is beyond affordability for some parents.

Study loans are available to assist parents to fulfil their wards dream of becoming a dentist. In Malaysia, some of the most popular study loans are the government funded The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) and Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) loans. Third party loans such as Banks study loans are also available. This further emphasizes the importance of choosing an affordable dental school which would require minimal outlay and low future loan repayment.

How fortunate that we have PIDC! Penang International Dental College (PIDC) offers its Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) programme at an affordable programme fee of RM 299,700 (payable at RM 59,940 per annum) with the intention of supporting the dreams of aspiring dental students.

To further assist financially, PIDC offers RM 30,000 scholarship to deserving students to realise their dream of becoming a dentist. Affin Bank offers PIDC students a student loan at the maximum of 90% of its fees at affordable rates. The loans principal payment is upon the student’s graduation. PTPTN loan of up to RM 85,000 is also available for qualified students. 


Well-trained in all aspects

PIDC students are trained in all aspects of academic and practical dental training to ensure they are well-qualified dentists after graduation.

A good dentist is trained via a combination of theory classes, simulation and lab training as well as clinical training. PIDC’s DDS programme is of exceptional quality with clinical training conducted by high calibre professionals while maintaining a comparatively affordable fee.

MQA-accredited, the college was the first private dental college to be awarded the 6 Stars MyQUEST rating. The Education Ministry uses this rating to evaluate the performance of private colleges in the aspects of quality students, programmes, graduates, resources and governance.

PIDC has since its inception, trained a strong network of over 600 dental surgeons, many of whom are working with the Health Ministry, Defence Ministry and in private clinical practices across Malaysia. Some alumni have also chosen to continue their postgraduate training in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and public universities in Malaysia.


Your career path, your choice

Prospective PIDC students can expect not just quality education at the instituiton, but also a holistic living environment in both the Selangor and Penang campuses.

The dental programme at PIDC is unique where students undergo training at two of the leading dental education institutions in Malaysia. For the first two years of study, classes will be in Mahsa University, Saujana Putra Campus in Jenjarom, Selangor. You will then move to the PIDC Campus in Butterworth, Penang for the final three years.

Students from all backgrounds and locations can get the best of both worlds from these two campuses. Built for campus life, Mahsa University is a great place for pre-clinical students to adapt themselves to student life with its sports and lifestyle-centric facilities.

The PIDC campus in Butterworth is designed for senior clinical students who are working towards graduating – focusing on dental equipment and facilities for academic and practical classes. One can always cross the bridge to Penang Island for a day of fun too.

The PIDC’s DDS Programme does not bind you to only one career pathway. After graduating with a DDS degree and registering with the Malaysian Dental Council, you can etch your own career paths which include:

  • General dental practice
  • Health Ministry dental services
  • Hospital dentistry
  • Speciality practice
  • University teaching and research
  • Dentistry in the armed forces


Bringing smiles to the community

PIDC does not just aim to train competent dental surgeons at affordable fees. The institution also has a heart for the underserved communities. In the past 11 years of its clinical operation, the full-fledged dental college has played a major role in the development of oral healthcare – especially for patients who are from the lower income, physically and mentally challenged, and senior citizen groups.

PIDC works together with the Penang state government, NGOs and welfare organisations to create awareness and encourage people from lower socioeconomic groups to access affordable oral healthcare. As of now, the college treats approximately 30,000 patients annually, and many of these cases were carried out as part of its students’ requirements to graduate, showcasing the high standard the college has for its students and graduates.

Looking for a quality and affordable dentistry programme in Malaysia? So don’t wait to secure a place at PIDC!


For more enquiries, e-mail [email protected] or WhatsApp 012-203 8638.

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