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6 Reasons to Become a Pilot in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on May 25, 2018, 08:10 am

One of the most talked about careers in social media circles, most notably among the youth of today, lies in the field of aviation. With faces framed by Rayban aviators and shoulders adorned with epaulettes, commercial airline pilots are touted as really cool individuals.

Have you ever been interested in the field of aviation? Join us as we take off into a detailed look at why you should consider becoming a pilot in Malaysia.

Pilots are well paid

It’s become a common occurrence to find fresh graduates moaning about their inadequate stipend. With the average fresh graduate earning between RM2,000 and RM3,000, it’s clear why this happens.

Pilots, however, get paid well above the average range. Depending on the airline you sign with, a rookie second officer can earn around RM9,000 and above. (Do note that the cost of your course will be upwards of RM320,000).

Pilots get to travel

Yes, we know it’s obvious. Pilots get to travel – shocker! Pilots get to visit numerous countries during the course of their career, with many flights being layovers – meaning they get to spend a night or two at the destination before manning a flight back. This permits a little time to explore. Oh, pilots are also often put up in swanky hotels and provided with an allowance for the trip – quite the package.

A pilot’s office has unparalleled views

Even if your office gives you a stunning view from the top storey of a skyscraper or overlooks a crystal-clear ocean, no one has a better view from his office than a pilot. Fluffy clouds that stretch for miles, the sun coming up and going down, its rays streaking across the atmosphere and creating colours beyond one’s imagination. Yup, a pilot’s view cannot be matched, unless of course you’re an astronaut.

Pilots are in demand

Two of the most well-known aircraft manufacturers – Boeing and Airbus – predicted that as many as 617,000 new pilots will be needed by 2035. Yes, the demand will be higher for those with hours clocked in than for those fresh out of flying school, but the exponential rate at which the airline industry continues to expand bodes well for the future of those who intend to take the plunge.

Travel perks for the family

Pilots and their immediate family members can enjoy huge discounts on flight tickets, making the next family vacation that much more affordable.

Cadet pilot programmes

If the cost of becoming a pilot is too high or the uncertainty getting a job too much of a risk for you, both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines provide a welcome alternative in the form of their cadet pilot programmes.While AirAsia’s cadet programme is not sponsored, it will assist you in securing a loan for your course and you will be guaranteed a job upon graduation. On the other hand, Malaysia Airlines’ cadet pilot programme is fully sponsored – you will pay them back in the form of a monthly salary deduction after you’ve graduated and begun to fly for the airline.

Becoming a pilot is neither an easy nor cheap career to tackle. The long and odd hours can be daunting to some, but for those willing to face these obstacles head on, the rewards are truly breathtaking. Do you want to know more about becoming a pilot in Malaysia? Click here to learn more.

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