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6 Reasons to Become a Doctor in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on May 17, 2018, 01:35 am

Even as universities vie for the attention of young students by offering newer and edgier programmes, certain tried and tested courses remain popular. A prime example is medicine in Malaysia – with 35 recognised local medical universities and a doctor-to-population ratio of 1:633. Are you considering the course but still on the fence about it? Uncertain if there is a bright future for new doctors in Malaysia? Well, here are six reasons that will cement your decision.

1. It pays well

While money isn’t everything, fresh graduates have been up in arms about the “paltry” salary they receive at their first jobs. According to Jobstreet.com, the figure ranges from RM2,000 to RM3,000 in most fields. Doctors undergoing their housemanship, however, will earn between RM3,000 and RM5,000, with those serving at rural areas earning more than their counterparts in urban locations.

2. People will address you as “Doctor”

While no one should venture into this career solely for the title it carries, even the humblest person would admit that it is pretty cool when people refer to her as “Doctor”.

3. You can go overseas

If you dream about settling in a country like the United States or Australia, becoming a doctor may just be the ticket. You have to sit for difficult entrance exams even if you have a medical degree, but once you pass them, you will be able to move to a country of your choosing.

4.That white coat

If you’ve watched medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs, you know how cool the white-coat-and-stethoscope look is. Yes, it will be a pain to get rid of even the smallest stains on your white coat, and you will probably have to hunt for your missing stethoscope on more than one occasion, but it’ll be worth it!

5.You get to help people

Even though it is a tough career path, many people choose to become a doctor to help people in need. The money, reputation and image associated with being a doctor is one thing, but that tingly feeling you get after helping a patient is priceless and should be your main reason in taking on the challenge.

6.You’ll never be bored at work

You will experience a lot of things as a doctor, but boredom won’t be one of them. As a doctor, you need to learn about and stay abreast of the latest developments in medicine every day, not to mention all the different cases you have to handle. Be it a complicated birth, serious stab wound or mysterious brain disorder, there will always be something that keeps you on your toes in this line of work.

Clearly, there are many attractive reasons to become a doctor. Interested in learning more about how you too can don a white coat? Click here for a career rundown that includes details on which subjects you should study to earn one, as well as a list of institutions that offer relevant courses.

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