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5 Things that Will Happen According to the New Education Minister

Published by on May 24, 2018, 09:52 am

With the relatively new shake-up that saw Dr. Maszlee Malik appointed the new Education Minister, the wheels that have been set in motion will see wholesale changes in all matters education. Not one to rest on his laurels since taking office, Dr. Maszlee has been actively articulating his plans for the department. What can students and teachers in schools and colleges/universities expect, then?  

PTPTN borrowers won’t have to make repayments until they earn RM4,000

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The new Education Minister, Dr. Maszlee, stated that the PTPTN matter would be given priority. The aim? To make it so that a borrower won’t have to make any PTPTN payments until their salary reaches the RM4,000 mark, with no fixed dates as to when their payments would have to commence. 

Crosses fingers and toes, waiting for the official statement

PTPTN Blacklist to be abolished

Dr. Maszlee has went on to say that the Education Ministry would be in contact with the Immigration Department to discuss the discontinuation of the infamous PTPTN Blacklist, which would allow barred individuals to once again travel abroad.

Technology-Oriented education to focus on English language

In an interview with Sinar Harian, Dr. Maszlee emphasized the importance of learning not just English, but other languages as well, to create multilingual Malaysian students. Technology, he said, would ease the load felt by teachers, as well students, and will be implemented more obviously within the classroom setting. The country he intends to use as an example? Why, Finland of course!

Current education blueprint to continue, for now

The Education Ministry will persist with the Education Blueprint 2013-2025 and the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education), with one big catch – both will be subject to midterm reviews to asses strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Maszlee said teachers and professors need to be aware of what’s currently in them so it’ll be easier to identify what could be improved on moving forward.

The University and University Colleges Act to be replaced

The current University and University Colleges Act will be abolished according to Dr. Maszlee. What was even in the act? The Education Minister went on to say that it’ll be replaced with one that will take into account the governance and management issues faced by institutions of higher education. In its current form, the act consists of laws enacted to provide for the establishment, maintenance and administration of universities and university colleges and for other matters connected with it. Broken down, it contains 5 parts: 

  • Part I: Preliminary
  • Part II: Higher Education
  • Part IIA: Administration
  • Part III: Universities
  • Part IV: University Colleges
  • Part IVA: Register and Database
  • Part V: General

While Dr. Maszlee's plans do sound brilliant, to go off without a hitch, everyone will have to play their part, from the students themselves, to teachers and professors in schools and universities. In other words, be the change you want to see

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